5 Times the Flavor


Our New Heritage Varieties have 5 times the flavor compounds as other varieties grown here in the Hatch Valley.


A portion of all online sales goes to help fund Non-GMO chile pepper research at New Mexico State University.
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Now offering cheaper shipping rates nationwide plus FREE SHIPPING on 5lb boxes of fresh green chile.


I had an issue with my first 10# batch. An email came to me before I could even send one out letting me know that some of the shipments weren’t of the expected quality due to heavy rains. They replaced the off batch and the re-shipment was superb! What great customer service. The wafting smell of Roasting Chile and Green Chile Stew has the neighborhood all abuzz… Thanks!

The order came today – hooray!! It was beautiful – fresh and firm…

It’s now roasted, bagged and on its way to being frozen.

After 22 years in Alaska, I still long for the Land of Enchantment. But thanks to you, I will have a chile-warmed winter this year!

After having mixed success mail-ordering for years, I then found these guys. I ordered 50 lbs Sandias and 10 lbs of Big Jims for a roasting day on my patio, and holy cow – it was so good! I don’t think there was even one wilted pepper among the two boxes. And that was after 3-day ground to Nor Cal – their least expensive option. Also, they are super helpful and responsive. All around, 100% perfect!


Green Chile Cornbread Featured

Green Chile Cornbread

I know you think I’m lacking a bit of creativity here.  Green chile cornbread, ORIGINAL, Jess. But what if I told you I had NEVER made cornbread before?  AND, what if I told you I’ve had multiple people rave about this recipe?  Yep, that’s right.  RAVE REVIEWS. I adapted my Grandma’s go-to Aunt Jemima cornbread […]

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Green Chile Chorizo Homestyle Spuds

Green chile chorizo homestyle spuds.  If this isn’t brunch heaven, I don’t even know what to believe anymore. But don’t worry.  It IS brunch heaven.  It also could be dinner heaven or snack heaven or middle-of-the-night-when-no-one-is-watching heaven. This recipe is more than just delicious for me.  It really is comfort.  This one is a spin […]