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Hatch Chile Chicken Cordon

Hatch Chicken Cordon Green

Chicken Cordon Green, did you know that was a thing?  It’s cheesy and it’s spicy, it gets a little feisty!   Thanks, I’ll be here all week. The writing process is a funny thing.  When coming up with a recipe, I take lots of things into consideration.  What are classic green chile recipes?  How can […]

Red Green Spiced Chickpeas

Red and Green Chile Spiced Chickpeas

Crunchy, spicy, savory, munch-tastic.  These Red and Green Chile Spiced Chickpeas are all that–WITHOUT the bag of chips. We all know the drill. It’s felt like weeks since you’ve had a healthy meal full of whole foods. It’s a Saturday night—the weekly equivalent of New Year’s Eve—and you say, “Okay, I’m cracking down this week […]

salsa verde featured image

Roasted Salsa Verde

It is football season, which means you need to run and make a huge batch of this Roasted Salsa Verde to have on hand. What might football season and salsa verde have in common?  Well, they don’t have anything in common.  BUT they are directly correlated in this way: Football Season=lots of guests and lazy get-togethers […]