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Green Chile Update – August 2010

I have a bit of bad news in the form of a green chile update folks. Robert Berridge Sr. and I talked this morning and after looking at our chile fields, online we don’t think it will be in the best interest of our customers to start shipping the week of Monday the 16th. At this point, it looks like the chile just won’t be ready for shipment by Monday. We are now looking at shipping the week of August 23rd.

I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause many of our customers, and I would like to personally assure you that we do this only to ensure that you receive the best product possible. If you absolutely must have your green chile the week of the 16th, please email us at and we’ll do our best to work something out with you for delivery the week of the 16th.

On a lighter note, it looks like it will be some of the best green chile we’ve ever had. Pods are long, thick, and look like they will be very meaty this year!

If you have an order in for a 10 or 25 pound box and have provided a PO Box as your shipping address, we will ship your order via the post office. If you would like your order to be shipped FedEx, please email us with your order number and a physical address for delivery.

If you haven’t got your order in already, we suggest that you do as soon as possible, you can order through our online catalog.

This concludes this green chile update. We hope you’re not too heartbroken and apologize for the delay!

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Chile Update August 1st

Well, the season is nearly upon us folks and we will start shipping on schedule August 16th this year. We have a couple of notable developments as well. After careful consideration, we have begun the process of switching to FedEx to ship our 10lb and 25lb boxes.

With fedex, we will be able to offer residential delivery to many customers who formerly had to pick up packages at their local post office. All 5lb boxes will continue to be shipped via the Post Office, so some customers may receive packages via two different carriers. FedEx has guaranteed quicker delivery times, better package handling, and improved tracking of our shipments. We believe it is in the best interest of our customers to make this change. If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this change, please send an email to and we’ll address them as best we can.

Another item of interest is our new pricing on fresh green chile. As promised, all orders placed before the 1st of August received our discounted “pre-order” pricing. Prices have now risen to regular season levels. Red chile pricing later in the year will be at these rates as well.

As always, if you have any questions please let us know via email, or call us at 575-635-4680.


Preston Mitchell

Berridge Farms