***PRE-ORDER*** Medium Fresh Hatch Red Chile - (Big Jim/Charger) – The Hatch Chile Store
Fresh Red Chile
***PRE-ORDER*** Medium Fresh Hatch Red Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)
***PRE-ORDER*** Medium Fresh Hatch Red Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)
***PRE-ORDER*** Medium Fresh Hatch Red Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)
***PRE-ORDER*** Medium Fresh Hatch Red Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)
***PRE-ORDER*** Medium Fresh Hatch Red Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)
***PRE-ORDER*** Medium Fresh Hatch Red Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)

***PRE-ORDER*** Medium Fresh Hatch Red Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)

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I understand that pre-orders for fresh chile will not begin shipping untill July/August.


Big Jim and Charger are our famous Medium heat varieties. Both are great for rellenos, as they are the largest and most meaty pods. These varieties have somewhat inconsistent heat levels from pod to pod and from year to year, so you get a natural variety of spiciness.

Medium (Big Jim/Charger) pods can grow between 8 and 14 inches in length. They can vary on the scoville scale from 500-3,500 SHU. We offer 5, 10, and 25 pound boxes. 25lb boxes are enough for one or two people for a full year, while a 10lb box might only last a few months. Our 5lb box makes for a great gift and ships for free!

Please read the following warnings before placing your order:
  • We guarantee all orders when 2-Day or Overnight shipping is selected, so we compensate our customers accordingly when spoilage/damage occurs.
  • If you select 3-Day or Ground shipping, your order will not be guaranteed and we cannot compensate you for any spoilage/damage.
  • We guarantee all orders for 5lb boxes, so we compensate our customers accordingly when spoilage/damage occurs.
  • If your order arrives spoiled/damaged, please take photos of the contents and email them to support@hatch-green-chile.com so our Customer Service team can initiate the resolution process. 
  • We ship all of our orders on a first in, first out basis.
  • We cannot ship this product to PO Boxes. Please use a physical address when checking out.
  • Fresh Hatch Red Chile ships on Tuesday's, weather permitting. If the grade out is higher than anticipated or our fields experience poor weather, then we must delay picking in those fields, thus fresh orders may be pushed to Wednesday or to the following week.
  • We pick and ship all fresh orders same-day.
  • Shipping time is calculated from the time the order is picked up until it is delivered. (i.e. 2-Day shipping is when an order is picked up on Tuesday and delivered on the following Thursday)
  • You must have your order in by 11:59pm on Sunday for it to ship the following week, so long as the pre-orders for that heat variety have already been fulfilled.
  • We will update our customers when all pre-orders have been fulfilled and newer orders will begin shipping out.
  • You can place your order now and request to have it put on hold for a later date. Contact us at support@hatch-green-chile.com or (575) 635-4680 to place your order on hold.
  • Any changes (hold requests, upgraded shipping, substitutions, address changes) must be made by 4pm MST on Monday before the order is shipped.

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30 Reviews

Janet R

The chili came in very fresh and has a wonderful flavor. I wish I had ordered more. Thank you very much and you can count on us ordering again next year.

Rick T

First time I ordered the fresh red chiles. Nice size and very tasty. A nice alternative to my Hatch Green Chile chili.


merry a

Nice flavor, beautiful pods, out of 25 pounds only 2 pods were spoiled. I get these every 2 yrs. to make condiments and have great additions to dips, meals and my parrots require lots of vitamin A in their diet. I chop them up, include the seeds and the tops (for flavor) but not the stems, and freeze them for when I'm ready for a bit of New Mexico sunshine!


The order arrived on time and the most of the chiles were perfect. It was a good to feed the addiction again.

Robert L

I have ordered your green chilies for several years. This past August, my wife and I were visiting friends in Silver City,NM and severed a Hatch Chile red sauce they made from the juice of Hatch Red Chilis. We were so impressed with the favor that we ordered your Red Chilies which were delivered last week in September. It was easy to make the sauce which we shared with several friends. WOW.. the response was that we will have a party next year making red sauce for 4 families to last all year.

James R

Big, meaty chile peppers, almost as hot as the Sandia. Excellent

Jim F

The chiles arrived the day after they were picked. They were fresh and packaged for shipping. Every chile was perfect and useable. I roasted them before freezing them and now my winter supply is all set. Great flavor and just the right amount of heat.

Greg S

My chiles arrived in a week! I was told they would arrive in three days. About twenty % were bad. Sry disappointed.

Deborah P

Awesome as ever.

Andreas K

The peppers were in great shape, tasting sweet and hot. I roasted and shared with a bunch of happy friends. I'm definitely buying more next year.

Michael D

Awesome! The chilies were fresh, tasty, very impressive!

William F

Excellent quality great personal service

Ann B

My fresh red chilies arrived in perfect shape and freshness. They are some of the meatiest I've had. Perfect for my enchilada sauce.

Don L

Great flavor , large & meaty slight sweet taste. Will put in larger order for Big Jim's next season.

Marian J

Thank you! For good quality fresh Hatch Peppers!! I chose Parcel Post delivery and the peppers arrived in good condition.. You will be hearing from me next year... thanks from ND..

anita h

Beautiful red chiles. The only place I have been able to find such top quality chiles.

Dorothea S

Wonderful chiles! We order every year, and we are never disappointed!

annette c

beautiful chile will order again


First I want to state that I ordered six 5 pound boxes of Hatch Green Chiles and the first five arrived in great condition and my friends and I roasted them and then froze them. They are wonderful. However, the last box of Big Jim Fresh Red did not arrive in good condition, Over a third of the chiles were damaged (broken, starting to wilt or actually spoiled). I cut off damaged parts and threw some away. Those that did arrive in good shape are happily waiting for me (in the freezer) to put them into some wonderful dish of my choosing. ;-) I am not a complainer, and I have received many shipments when I lived in Philadephia and Dallas which I was completely satisfied. This is the first shipment that I received about two weeks ago that came in with a significant amount of damage. Thank you for soliciting my response. Again, I LOVE you chiles, it is just this one order that came in damaged. Gloria Doehling

Bill S

Beautiful chile. No heat but still delicious.

Vivienne D

Chilies arrived right on schedule. They are just beautiful bright red in color and great size. I am so pleased with them and am going to make a ristra for the holidays and then make red chile sauce. These are the best and most beautiful Big Jims I have eaten. The flavor is amazing and only the non broken stems will go to a ristra. Thank you!

James R

Arrived in excellent condition. Beautiful large bright red chile peppers which definitely cannot find here in Juneau AK

Richard C

The red chiles arrived in perfect shape and are delicious. Thank you so much for providing this service.


My chile arrived in great shape ! Beautiful Big Jims ! Wish I could have got it hotter but your system works and I will be using it again !

Tammy A

The peppers were in perfect condition- no broken or crushed peppers. The price was perfect for 10 lbs of the Big Jim and I was able to prep and roast them the same day they came. I love fresh peppers and can't find these in the store, or with the same quality as what I received from Hatch. WIll definitely buy from them again.

Dave T

Package arrived just fine and has already been fire roasted on a charcoal grill

Cindy T

The chili's arrived in great shape, 2-day shipping. The peppers beautiful in color and quite large. We roasted, packaged and froze them. Had one on my sandwich; yummy, sweet and smoky flavor. Quality, excellent. Price moderate.

David M

The chiles came in very good shape. Especially for fresh reds. I ordered 50 lbs. and there weren't any soft or rotting chiles in the lot. I have cooked with them and they are actually "mild - medium" hot to me. Not a problem, I know how to add heat if needed. Great red flavor. I will be ordering again next year.

David A

This order has not arrived yet.