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Frozen Hatch Green Chile

We are going to have frozen chile this year! Our chile will be processed by Frozen Chile Products of New Mexico, and will be available to order through our page. Frozen chile will be available by the 5, 10, and 25lb case and can be ordered in whole and diced. All frozen chile is flame roasted and hand peeled. Its a great way for people who are looking to cut down on processing time. Although its a bit pricey, the charge  includes FedEx Priority Overnight shipping. All frozen chile is shipped on gel packs.



6 thoughts on “Frozen Hatch Green Chile

  1. wow… that’s one hell of a chile deal…

  2. How much is it?

    1. That depends on what you’re ordering. Feel free to look through our product catalog at

    2. How is a box of roasted chili
      If I go to Hatch can I get red child xxx hot and how much is I think a 20 lbs stack

      1. Hi Ruben, I’m not sure what you’re trying to ask here. Please email with a little more detail as to your question. Thanks!

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