Hatch Chile Powder

Our chile powders and seasonings will add zest to flavorful dishes. All our powder is made from sun-dried (not artificially dehydrated) red and green chile, which preserves its vivid color and natural taste.

Customers say

"I have so missed my fresh green Chile. I come from Las Cruces and now live in Washington state. This powder is the be all end all to your cravings for pure green Chile flavoring!! In EVERYTHING!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!."

― Steve N

"This is the best Hatch Chile Powder I have ever tasted; fresh, spicy and flavorful, just like Hatch Chiles should be ! If you can't take the heat, order the mild; still full of flavor. thank you for an exceptional Hatch experience !"

― June T

Hatch Green Chile Powder

Add a flavorful spicy kick to any dish with our green chile powder. We use sun-dried chile to make the green chile powder, and the flavor is awesome! If you are an ex-New Mexican or someone who just loves spicy food, our green chile powder is right for you. We add it to tons of dishes, including fettuccine alfredo, potato salad, and of course, green enchiladas! Sometimes, we even add it to potato chips for a decadent spicy treat!

Green Chile Powder is available in Mild, Medium, or Hot and is packaged in 3oz spice jars, 6oz spice jars, or 11oz bags. Chile Powder must be cooked before consuming.

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Add color and flavor to your cooking with our wonderful red chile powder. We use only sun-dried chile to make our powders and the color and flavor is incredible. Whether you're an ex-New Mexican or someone new to our cuisine, you can't go wrong with a basic staple like red chile powder. Our favorite recipe to make with our red chile powder is red chile ribs!

Available in 4 heat levels from Mild to X-Hot, our red chile powder is packaged in 3oz spice jars, 6oz spice jars, or 11oz bags. Chile Powder must be cooked before consuming.

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Hatch Red Chile Powder

Recipes Using Hatch Chile Powder

Sweet & Spicy Chicken Kabobs

Hatch Red Chile Ribs

Red & Green Spiced Chickpeas

Customer Testimonial

"I've grown up on red NM chili my whole life (my mother and her family are from Roswell) so I know good red chile from not-so-good red chile. And i can say with a reasonable degree of experience that the Red Chile Powder I have now twice ordered from The Hatch Chili Store is EXCELLENT. It reminds me of the red chile my little Hispanic grandmother made in the 60's and 70's when i was little and lived in Roswell myself. I've tried red chile from Roswell and from Albequerque and what I have purchased from THCS is simply better. You won't be sorry."

― Martin B

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