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Bread + Cheese + Hatch Green Chile = A Heavenly combination

Hatch Green Chile Pizza

Pizza is a delicious and fun meal for any time of day that can be made in so many different way. This recipe features how to make a variety of pizzas with homemade sauces and some suggestions for home made dough.

Traditional Posole

No Christmas or New Year's celebration in New Mexico is complete without three things; Tamales, Biscochos, and Posole (Non New Mexicans may spell it Pozole)!

"My family and friends are divided on whether they like the my red or green chile ribs better."

The green chile adds a whole new depth of flavor and spice. It puts a southwestern twist on a classic Italian dish. So, if you love Italian food (who doesn’t) and green chile (everyone should) then this dish is a dream come true for you!

"I can’t tell you how many memories I have of walking through my parent’s front door after a four-hour basketball practice and smelling that beautiful smell of green chile stew."

There are SO many ways to make an enchilada. The most customizable way is to stack them, then each person can control how many layers they want, how much meat, how much sauce, how much cheese, etc.

Green Chile, Chicken, and Sweet Corn Flautas

The recipe is so simple, and you can easily alter it to your taste (or make it vegan by leaving out the chicken). The end product was easily one of the most delicious meals I have ever had!

Green Chile Hashbrown Patties

These are so extremely simple to make and I can imagine they would add sparkle and sizzle to any special breakfast or brunch spread.

Crunchy, spicy, savory, munch-tastic. These Red and Green Chile Spiced Chickpeas are all that--WITHOUT the bag of chips.

To me, summer means simple. It means small bites to be enjoyed on the back deck with friends. It means a recipe that takes two shakes of a lamb's tail, just like these Mini Green Chile Stuffed Bell Peppers.

Wine Fest and the Southern New Mexico State Fair are never complete without quesadillas with asadero and green chile. I'm pretty sure these quesadillas are a regional thing, so I set out to recreate it for all you good people out there.

Gringo Posole is one of those that will be written on a notecard somewhere, splattered and splashed with cheese and crinkled from the frequent use.                      

Green Chile Street Corn Dip

Chile verde salsa, been there, done that. Sour cream dips, not really my jam. What about something more substantial, something with texture and weight that required a hearty chip for dipping? WHAT IF I turned a street food standby into a go-to party dish?

Salsa Verde

Seriously, this salsa verde is so delicious, and it makes a giant VAT's worth without really trying. I roasted the tomatillos to give it that extra charred flavor, and blended them with already roasted green chile and a few spices to give it a deep and slightly spicy taste.

Grandma's corn bread recipe with an added spice!

If this isn't brunch heaven, I don't even know what to believe anymore. But don't worry. It IS brunch heaven. It also could be dinner heaven or snack heaven or middle-of-the-night-when-no-one-is-watching heaven.

The green chile alfredo sauce only requires 5 ingredients. On top of being super easy, how elegant is this sauce?! I think the act of developing rich flavors with only a few ingredients is the true test of a great cook. All that's left is to choose the noodles that match your mood (Isn't that how everyone chooses noodles?

Mini green chile corn dogs? What in the world? I know, that's what I thought to myself as the idea donned on me. These little guys are adorable and fun with an extra kick.

Green Chile Shrimp Risotto

Risotto with Green Chile and Shrimp NEEDS to be on your next entertaining menu. Now before you run off into Why-Are-You-Making-Life-Difficult Land, let me tell you that risotto has gotten a wrongful bad rep for being a difficult dish to make.

Green Chile Brioche

Brioche may be of French origin, but Michael Bazinet sure put a New Mexican twist on it!

I know what you’re thinking. Grits? To a cookout or a potluck? To be honest, I thought the same thing. But when my boyfriend’s mom suggested the recipe and made it for this exact purpose, it WORKED. And they were YUMMY.

In this salad I had a lot of crisp summer veggies, some chicken, and the creamy avocado. But I was missing the crunch component that is always the cherry (or chile) on top for me. So I set out to create a more flavorful, more interesting crunch than tortilla strips for my go-to Southwestern Salad. This crunch became my pecan encrusted hatch green chiles.

Red or Green is our state question here in New Mexico. These enchiladas mean you don't have to choose! This recipe for traditional or Christmas style red chile enchiladas comes courtesy of one of our valued customers. We'd like to extend a big thank you to William and Stacy Layman for allowing us to post it online.

The Frittata Formula:  eggs+added protein of choice+cheese+veggies+extra flavor punch. Depending on your mood, you can either make a frittata with carefully planned ingredients from the store, or you can toss in whatever is left in the bottom of your fridge.

Hatch Green Chile Enchiladas

When anyone mentions "Hatch green chile," the immediate mental image is none other than traditional enchiladas. When that image pops into your head, which is more likely to accompany it? Is it your favorite restaurant that magically places the batch before you, or do you venture out and create your own?

Green Chile Lasagna

Italian Food + Hatch Green Chile = One of the best things you've ever eaten. No seriously, who would've thought the two would go together so amazing!

A classic American dish with a spicy New Mexican Twist!

Buttery shortbread with pieces of smokey Hatch Green Chile. All with a sweet and savory Hatch Chile Jam in the middle.

Life is sweet and spicy, just like these Kabobs! Made with sun dried red chile powder and local New Mexico Honey, you can't go wrong with this summer favorite!

Excuse me for a second while I convince myself not to write this entire post in all caps. Instead, I'll give you this: GREEN CHILE PESTO STUFFED CHICKEN IS A TRAIN RIDE TO FLAVOR TOWN.

Chile Rellenos

The Big Jim & Joe E. Parker Chilies make excellent rellenos (stuffed chiles) because the pods are large and meaty, but any of the New Mexican varieties work well in this recipe. Top these chile rellenos with either Classic Green Chile Sauce or Red Chile Sauce.

A quick an easy summer side dish that will go with all your favorite entrees!

WARNING! This green chile apple pie is addictive and you will be enslaved to the green sweet heat! Try at your own risk of never eating a plain apple pie ever again.

Have you ever wanted to use authentic hatch green chile in a dessert? Try our Green Chile Pumpkin Pie for a blend of spicy and sweet!

Have you ever wanted to use authentic hatch green chile in a dessert? Try our Green Chile Mousse for a sinfully spicy chocolate mousse.

Cheesy, Gooey, and Spicy! This Green Chile Mac & Cheese is absolutely heavenly


New Mexican-Inspired Gazpacho

Beat the summer heat with this classic soup with a New Mexican                                                                      


Green Chile and Mushroom Stew

A warm, hearty, and healthy meal! This stew is loaded with turkey, beans, mushrooms, and Hatch Green Chile.


A New Mexican's spicy spin on a backyard party favorite!

Try this hatch green chile pasta salad if you're looking for a quick and easy southwestern dish to bring to the potluck!

Bet you've never tried this flavor before! Don't knock it till you try it!


Finally Our Homemade Salsa & Chips w/t Hatch Chiles, Serrano, and Jalapeño peppers . The Hatch Chiles are one of the many ingredients that makes this 30 year family recipe one of our family’s, and friends favorite!

Black Bean & Sweet Potato Hatch Chile

This is also a great recipe to add in any leftover roasted meat you might have hanging around the fridge that you don’t want to go to waste. Chicken, turkey, pulled pork, or beef are all great options.

Green Chile & Honey Popcorn

The perfect midnight movie snack for your sweet and spicy cravings! You can add as much or as little green chile powder and honey as you like.                                    

This green chile enchilada soup recipe is similar to Tortilla Soup (a New Mexican Cuisine favorite).

A sweet and spicy combination perfect for dipping or using to make wings. Using our Hatch Green Chile we know this is a recipe you will love!

Checkout this awesome Instantpot recipe for a traditional New Mexican Red Chile Pork! Pair it with some beans and rice and y