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Medium Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)
Medium Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)
Medium Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)

Medium Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Big Jim/Charger)

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We are currently stocking up on the Charger variety, which is packing more heat than the Big Jim this year. Charger and Big Jim are both Medium heat varieties, but due to the large amount of rain that the Hatch Valley has gotten this season, the Big Jims have been running a little milder. Charger is sure to satisfy your craving for green chile with a perfect kick of spiciness! 

Big Jim and Charger are our famous medium heat varieties. Both are great for rellenos, as they are very large and meaty. These varieties have inconsistent heat levels from pod to pod and from year to year. If you're looking for a spicy kick, we recommend you opt for our Hot (Sandia/G76) rather than our medium.

Big Jim and Charger pods can grow between 8 and 14 inches in length. They can vary on the scoville scale from 500-3,500 SHU. We sell Big Jim and Charger in 5, 10, and 25 pound boxes. 25lb boxes of fresh Big Jim are enough for one or two people for a full year while a 10lb box of Big Jim might only last a few months. Our 5lb box of Big Jim makes a great gift and ships for free!

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