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***PRE-ORDER*** Mild Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Machete/Joe Parker)
***PRE-ORDER*** Mild Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Machete/Joe Parker)
***PRE-ORDER*** Mild Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Machete/Joe Parker)

***PRE-ORDER*** Mild Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Machete/Joe Parker)

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I understand that pre-orders for fresh chile will not begin shipping untill July/August.


Mild (Machete/Joe Parker) ranges in size from 6-9 inches and has little to no heat. Our Mild (Machete/Joe Parker) is a great option for customers who love the flavor of Hatch Green Chile, but don't want to overdo it on the spice level. It is rather meaty and works well for mild rellenos. Some folks enjoy the flavor and meatiness of mild so much, they cut the vein from a pod of Sandia (Hot) or Lumbre (X-Hot) and stuff it inside mild rellenos, so that they can enjoy the meatiness and flavor without losing the heat.
We offer 5, 10, and 25 pound boxes. 25lb boxes are enough for one or two people for a full year, while a 10lb box might only last a few months. Our 5lb box makes for a great gift and ships for free!
Please read the following warnings before placing your order:
  • We guarantee all orders when 2-Day or Overnight shipping is selected, so we compensate our customers accordingly when spoilage/damage occurs.
  • If you select 3-Day or Ground shipping, your order will not be guaranteed and we cannot compensate you for any spoilage/damage.
  • We guarantee all orders for 5lb boxes, so we compensate our customers accordingly when spoilage/damage occurs.
  • If your order arrives spoiled/damaged, please take photos of the contents and email them to so our Customer Service team can initiate the resolution process. 
  • We ship all of our orders on a first in, first out basis.
  • We cannot ship this product to PO Boxes. Please use a physical address when checking out.
  • Fresh Hatch Green Chile ships on Tuesday's, weather permitting. If the grade out is higher than anticipated or our fields experience poor weather, then we must delay picking in those fields, thus fresh orders may be pushed to Wednesday or to the following week.
  • We pick and ship all fresh orders same-day.
  • Shipping time is calculated from the time the order is picked up until it is delivered. (i.e. 2-Day shipping is when an order is picked up on Tuesday and delivered on the following Thursday)
  • You must have your order in by 11:59pm on Sunday for it to ship the following week, so long as the pre-orders for that heat variety have already been fulfilled.
  • We will update our customers when all pre-orders have been fulfilled and newer orders will begin shipping out.
  • You can place your order now and request to have it put on hold for a later date. Contact us at or (575) 635-4680 to place your order on hold.
  • Any changes (hold requests, upgraded shipping, substitutions, address changes) must be made by 4pm MST on Monday before the order is shipped.

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Ordered at the last minute and the order went through perfectly. The Chile’s were fresh and smelled wonderful,when I opened the box. I plan to order again.


JimNan N

This year we started out with a smaller sized order , but after getting the first delivery, we figured we better get some more before it is gone for the season!! We received the 25 pound box, and darned if it wasn't the best of the bunch. Soy una gringa, meaning I was not raised on spicy foods, and I usually ask the restaurant to prepare what I order with out the chile; with the amazing Hatch Chile I can never get enough. The last box was so fresh and flavorful and sweet!!! I can hardly wait til next year!! Thank you, you amazing farmers!!

Curtis M

Connie R

Hands down the best chili’s you can get! Delivery was fast and fresh. Will be back next year for more.

ronda w

I love, love the Hatch Chili Store. I have ordered from them the last 2 years, due to im not on the Mainland any more. I am in Hawaii and when i order the MILD chilis they are fresh and sooo good. They arrive in 2 days here. I make chili beans with them, salsa and tamales for Christmas. They are the best.


We love Hatch green chilies. We roast the chilies as soon as they arrive then freeze them. We have them on hand when we make delicious green chili!

James T

In August we received pre-ordered medium hot and they were really hot. In September we decided to try the mild and they were really mild. Both had the to die for Hatch sweetness. We may not have removed enough seed from the medium hot. We are former New Mexicans so we are familiar with heat and make a lot of green chili stew.

Judi E

Arrived in good shape, only a few had to be trimmed of bad places. Overall very happy with order. They taste wonderful.

Jonathan D

I got my box of chile's quickly. I got them on a Saturday morning, and had too much fun dicing, slicing, bagging and freezing (some of) them. They were fresh and taste like they're supposed to. Hatch chile's all autumn! Beats pumpkin spice...

Shirley S

Arrived perfect. No waste! Would like instructions how to prepare. Will order before they are out of medium next year.


Awesome customer service!! They are very helpful. The chili’s are wonderful, taste great and the best part is when you open the box it smells like home. ~ A New Mexico girl that now lives in the Midwest


We missed the “season” at our grocers and thought we had to go another year without Hatch Chile. I was skeptical when my husband found this website but we ordered 5 lbs., and shocked when the Hatch arrived - beautiful and very fresh and piled in a plain cardboard box - can’t get more authentic! They certainly reset the bar for expectations. I will never go back to buying from the supermarket.

Jacqueline R

Excellent flavor, fresh and delicious

Carolyn R

Bernadette L

It is so good to be able to eat chile again. My husband and I cant eat hot chile anymore. I would like to order 2 more boxes the same kind as before. Is there a way not to have any red in the box and all of it long? Please let me know. Thank you, Bernadette

Hi Bernadette, We do our very best to grade out any chile that is turning red before we ship your box. However a few pods may turn red in transit and there is no way to prevent this. Thank you, Taylor


This was my 2nd order but the experience and chills were altogether different from the 1st order. Order #1, the chills were sweet and superb. Order #2 didn't arrive & didn't arrive although a ship notice had been sent. When I looked up tracking information, it had not been shipped. So I emailed customer service requesting an update. No answer within 4 business hours so I called. I was told Hatch Chili ran out of chills. Okay. I am a farmer, I can understand this. What was unacceptable was there was no email notification- in fact quite the opposite, I was notified it had shipped. And no phone call to tell me there was a problem. Instead, customer service seemed highly rankled that I would call them up wanting to know the status. I was advised they'd ship the chills out next round and I asked they respond to my email putting this in writing. They did. And they shipped. Only many of the chills were red and many were old where the stems not only had fallen off but had started rotting at the top. So is order #1 the norm and order #2 a fluke ? I don't know ….

Dianna H

This is truly the mild chile that I have been hoping for. My family and I do not enjoy anything over the top hot, but love the flavor of these chiles. They were fresh, meaty, easy to roast, peel and enjoy.

Terri S

We grew up in Arizona and have lived in South Texas for over 35 years. My husband suffers from green chile withdrawals every year, until we found your website. The chiles we ordered were perfect. We roasted them all and froze in small packets for use throughout the year. He pulled some out last night to top his steak! Love your product and service. We will order again next year!!

Mike T

love these ... they arrived in great shape... the best are in the freezer... a few that were "less than perfect" have been sliced and chopped into ready to use for stirfrys, soups, stews, and ??? and are also in the freeze

Dale K


It's mild but really flavorful.

Hilda G

Bruce B

Pods were full of fruit and moisture and roasted on the grill very nicely. Peeling was very straightforward, so we have a lot of good chile in the freezer now. B?) Product was delivered fresh and in good shape with only one or two pods in a 25 lb box having to be tossed because of mold.

Paul R

We can't get through Summer without our Hatch green chile fix. The store makes ordering easy and the chiles arrived fresh and ready for roasting. The roasted green chiles freeze well and we get to enjoy Hatch green chile sauce or stew when we like throughout the seasons.

Kathy B

Randall P

These chiles have the best flavor I have ever had, I roast them on my grill at home and sweat them in a large bowl before I bag them up. I end up giving most of them away to co workers and family and they all say these are the best chiles around!

Karen O

This is, by far, the best and only chili that makes any dish taste great. Other chilies pale in comparison; if you never tried these before, it's worth ordering these! Fresh are great and make your home smell great while roasting; the frozen arrive still frozen and taste as fresh as those roasted at home. Use their preorder process and save money.

Cecelia M

Donald H

Amazing service and superb quality. I ordered 25 lbs of mild chile and it was picked and delivered so fresh that the UPS Driver told me he smelled it in his truck it made his mouth water. 2 weeks later he delivered a different package and asked me how the Chile was. Told him all roasted and put in the freezer. He then asked where it was from, I told him and now he is ordering also. Tha Hatch Chile Store is the only place that I will buy chile from and have delivered. They always get it right and I have never received bad chile from them. All top quality.