***PRE-ORDER*** X-Hot Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Lumbre) – The Hatch Chile Store
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Fresh Hatch Green Chile
***PRE-ORDER*** X-Hot Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Lumbre)
***PRE-ORDER*** X-Hot Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Lumbre)
***PRE-ORDER*** X-Hot Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Lumbre)

***PRE-ORDER*** X-Hot Fresh Hatch Green Chile - (Lumbre)

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I understand that pre-orders for fresh chile will not begin shipping untill July/August.

X-Hot (Lumbre), our hottest variety, is relatively new to the world of New Mexican chile. It is much hotter than our regular Hot (Sandia). X-Hot (Lumbre) is a true scorcher, with each pod coming out blistering hot. Averaging 3-5 inches in length, it is the smallest variety we've ever grown, but it packs the most spice. Its pods are shorter and narrower than our other varieties, but they still have enough meat to roast. X-Hot (Lumbre) was developed by Jimmy Lytle (son of Big Jim Lytle, for whom the world famous Big Jim variety is named).
You don't need to use much of this chile to sufficiently spice up your favorite dishes! As a chopped chile, it packs such a big punch that you can make a pot of enchilada sauce using our Mild (Machete/Joe Parker) chile, then simply sprinkle in a small amount of X-Hot (Lumbre) to crank up the heat level. This variety is very popular due to its intense flavor and extreme heat.
We offer 5, 10, and 25 pound boxes. 25lb boxes are enough for one or two people for a full year, while a 10lb box might only last a few months. Our 5lb box makes for a great gift and ships for free!
Please read the following warnings before placing your order:
  • We guarantee all orders when 2-Day or Overnight shipping is selected, so we compensate our customers accordingly when spoilage/damage occurs.
  • If you select 3-Day or Ground shipping, your order will not be guaranteed and we cannot compensate you for any spoilage/damage.
  • We guarantee all orders for 5lb boxes, so we compensate our customers accordingly when spoilage/damage occurs.
  • If your order arrives spoiled/damaged, please take photos of the contents and email them to support@hatch-green-chile.com so our Customer Service team can initiate the resolution process. 
  • We ship all of our orders on a first in, first out basis.
  • We cannot ship this product to PO Boxes. Please use a physical address when checking out.
  • Fresh Hatch Green Chile ships on Tuesday's, weather permitting. If the grade out is higher than anticipated or our fields experience poor weather, then we must delay picking in those fields, thus fresh orders may be pushed to Wednesday or to the following week.
  • We pick and ship all fresh orders same-day.
  • Shipping time is calculated from the time the order is picked up until it is delivered. (i.e. 2-Day shipping is when an order is picked up on Tuesday and delivered on the following Thursday)
  • You must have your order in by 11:59pm on Sunday for it to ship the following week, so long as the pre-orders for that heat variety have already been fulfilled.
  • We will update our customers when all pre-orders have been fulfilled and newer orders will begin shipping out.
  • You can place your order now and request to have it put on hold for a later date. Contact us at support@hatch-green-chile.com or (575) 635-4680 to place your order on hold.
  • Any changes (hold requests, upgraded shipping, substitutions, address changes) must be made by 4pm MST on Monday before the order is shipped.

4.75 Average

156 Reviews

Richard G

This year I ordered 50 pounds of lumber. It was the best green chile that I have received in years.


mollie r

I'm originally from ABQ NM but haven't lived there since 2009 &where I live know there isn't any green Chile here so my brother sent me you web and I ordered

Roy H

Brian H

This chili is hot with delicious flavor. Cant wait for next season!

Ronald A

I'm originally from Albuquerque, and I miss my chile. Thanks to you I'm good again X hot was excellent

Roy H


Not very hot but great flavor.

Lou R

good product, arrived in good condition, only one pepper was affected & I still used


It is great. We love this and getting it delivered to our door is treat.

Sandra S

These chile are hot and they have a great flavor, we will definitely be ordering again. We ordered 50 pounds of fresh chilies and roasted them ourselves. The chile came in quickly and they were so fresh. If you like Hot the Lumber is the way to go!!!

Jacob S

Ordered once and received the wrong product. I contacted HCS and explained the situation to them . They promptly replaced my order at no charge. I have been buying from HCS for about 4 - 5 Years, and the quality is always supreme. My Lumber is the best.


The chile arrived fresh! Roasted them on the grill to add a smokey flavor.

Edward S

Surprisingly large and meaty for a really hot Hatch Chile--arrived in great shape to me in Virginia and roasted beautifully!

Victor V

You guys rocked it ! The delivery was on time and the chile is great ! Heat level is over the top but still with good flavor These are not for the faint of heart but if you like HEAT,do it !!

Ashley P

oh my god this green chile is amazing! it arrived fast, fresh and we roasted it up right away and had some the night we got it. its got great flavor and it is indeed x-hot! 5 stars and I will forever be a hatch chile store customer!

Samantha C

The chilies are delicious and arrived quickly after shipping.


hot and tasty


Great chile. Smaller than other varieties. They are hot.

Martin G

Best tasting chile!!!


These are very hot! We only need one or two of them to spice up a dish. I wear gloves when peeling them. They are smaller peppers. They arrived in great condition. Thank you!

Roman T

I ordered fresh green and frozen green. The fresh is is far better. I did have to freeze what I didn't use and I hope it doesn't loose much flavor. I'm very happy with the fresh. It smells great and taste fantastic. I received it on a Wednesday but couldn't roast until Saturday. By then a small number had already turned 50% or more red, and another 4 or 5 were on the road to rot. The lesson is to roast them as soon as you get them. I'm still very happy with my order and look forward to next year when I'll know better to roast them as soon as they arrive!



My pre order was short and sweet. Chose what I wanted, paid and the the bad part...waiting for those delicious chilies to arrive! Well worth the wait. As most of you chili connoisseurs know, you want flavor with your heat. These are the best!

Mary K

My first Hatch Green Chile order and they were absolutely so good. Next order will be a notch down as these were X-Hot. I like heat but these were really hot and I didn't realize how hot these could be since it was my first order...the flavor was excellent and now I know why everyone loves these peppers. Will definitely order again!

Edward C

Very hot like we love it but my batch came with too many red peppers

Paul G

Excellent delivery and excellent chilies. These chilies are not for those who don't want intense heat. They are HOT. They are excellent for enchiladas, salsa, on burgers and other sandwiches. Love them.


The smell coming off the box upon it's delivery was amazing. As we opened the box to grill them I noted some looked gnarled and vaguely poisonous and we were not disappointed. Peeling it in the kitchen cleared the room of all other life forms. It was as hot as I had hoped. Cheers on a great harvest! Thank you for shipping a piece of home to the Pacific Northwest.

Mary G

Ordered for my son & his friends @ work. They waited anxiously for it to arrive. They all loved it.

Natasha B

This X-hot child was smaller than expected. However, they're are very very hot as advertised. Overall I'm pleased with my chilies and will order again.