Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs

Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs

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We do have a limited amount of Med-Hot Whole available for those wishing to ship it to the Western half of the US. Please email our customer service team at if you would like to purchase some.

Medium-Hot, (Big Jim) is a variety of chile co-developed in our valley. It is a large meaty variety ranging in size from 6 to 12+ inches in length. Big Jim varies in heat from one pod to the next, so it is a favorite in our family to chop and use for medium heat enchiladas. It is also great for rellenos, if you don't mind the differences in heat between pods. We once had a Big Jim relleno that held a half pound of hamburger!

We hand roast all our frozen chile in the traditional New Mexican style then gently peel it by hand. All our frozen chile is packaged in 1lb vacuum sealed freezer bags, which are even re-sealable. Frozen is shipped in insulated containers on gel packs and typically delivered less than 36 hours from the time it is taken out of our freezers.

Due to Covid-19 we have had to change our roasting and packaging process. Please expect for there to be small bits of the peel in your package. The chopped will NOT be de-seeded. These changes are to protect our employees and customers. They will only be in effect this season.

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This is a difficult review to write. The Hatch chilis I received were perfect, the shipping materials excellent for the job. My only complaint is that 5lbs of chilis for 70+ dollars is spectacularly more than I am willing to pay in the future. Should your finances allow you to indulge, then you will be in for a treat. I am reduced to roasting my own poblanos. thanks

Matthew K

Mark W

Very very good.


The order was shipped to my son at college out of state. It arrived fully frozen, on the day it was expected, making it possible for my son to pop most of it into his freezer just before campus closed down for Thanksgiving break. He shared 2 lbs with a group of NM students who gathered over the weekend for a Friends-Giving feast. They were really happy that this year's Big Jims tend to the hot side of the spectrum and totally enjoyed a taste of NM for their holiday far from home!

Christine G

Leigh W

Delicious rich wonderful flavor

wayne s

I was looking for something to add some heat to sausage but be a bit different than the traditional spices. I still need to make the first batch but I love the flavor of the peppers and the heat is where I wanted it.

Paul M

Ordered the chili roasted and peeled. Unless you are a pro at doing both, order it like I did. Best decision I could have made. Only problem is, you can never order enough! I am a repeat customer. Love this place. We even got free shipping on our order.


I live on Hatch green chile and was too late to order from my usual company. I ordered these chilies and although I wish they were hotter, they have good flavor. Perfect for rellenos and easy enough to cut up for salsa. I will definitely order from them again!!!


Everything was delivered on time, the roasted chili’s were perfect

Karla W

A native New Mexican transplanted to Central West Florida, we were relegated to canned green chile between trips home upon which an extra bag was always loaded up with the green treasure for the return flight. Wasn't sure if frozen chile would meet our addiction but after our first 'test' order we have never looked back. Not only great flavor but already chopped and ready to throw into the pot. We were devastated when our September order was ruined by hurricane Irma. The company not only refilled our order in fast response but gave us a special hurricane discount on top! Most pleased and happy, we remain loyal customers!


Elizabeth F

I moved from Sant Fe over a year ago and didn’t think I could get great tasting Chile online! I was so happy with this Chile. It’s the perfect heat and very good flavor. And I am very fussy about my Chile!!


It's my favorite!!!

Ryan R

Great products. Haven't been disappointed yet. Love that Hatch flavor.

Gregory C

Hi Gregory, I saw your review and I would like to know what went wrong with your order? We do our very best here at the Hatch Chile Store to provide amazing chile and excellent customer service. Best wishes, Taylor

Robert S

Really good Chile. Convenient packaging. Quick shipping. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is that it’s rather expensive.

Bryan B

Great Chile but not much heat. Great taste, excellent delivery and condition, would buy it again but think it should only be classified as Medium at the most.

Joe R

Kelly C

Thanks, It showed up still frozen, And the quality is great, Best Chile in the world, Thanks Kelly Cowlishaw

Alice A

OMG! The taste was perfect. The heat was as I expected. This will be my method of getting my Hatch chiles. I am wheelchair bound but my family and friends still expect me to prepare my carne con chile verde with Hatch chiles. Thank you.

John A

Wonderful blend of Chile flavor with just enough hot to help reactivate by 77y/o taste buds. Moved away from Santa Fe. Now in Maine. This Chile works wonderfully with clam chowder and lobster cakes. Gracias, JCA

Franklin W

We love the Big Jim green chiles. My wife likes the milder chile and I like the hot chile. The Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile is "just right" for us. We use the chile for burritos, tacos and with scrambled eggs and other meals. Living in Montana and having been raised in New Mexico, getting them frozen is our best option. Thank you for the great job you do raising and producing this authenic food!


For these prices which I find rather high, I expected the seeds to be removed. These med hot come with chilis that are super mild and some super hot.

Penny M

Once defrosted, the chiles that I received we're slimy, unmalleable and in no way able to be utilized for stuffed rellenos. I have 3 pounds still frozen which I plan to use just for soup. Additionally, there was not much flavor. IF I reorder anything, it will be fresh hot green chilies that I will roast and peel myself, and then use. Incidentally, the generic brand canned that I've used in the past we're far superior in both texture and flavor. That in itself was extremely dissapointing.

Peggy R

christopher e

There was little to no heat in these but they explained that these type can vary greatly.

Marc P

The perfect blend of kick with flavor to add to any item for the true New Mexico taste!

James H

Chili is just fine, a lot of money for not much chili. Next year, I'll buy seeds.

Hi James, Was the price not advertized clearly? It should have been clear what you were being charged at checkout and how many pounds you were receiving. Did you weigh in the bags and find that they were underweight or something? Thanks, The Hatch Chile Store

Roberta A

These Big Jims are what we always got when we lived in CO and had them roasted for us on the spot. They're still a favorite because they're spicy enough to satisfy my hubby (who could do even hotter) and at the same time not too hot for me. It's a win-win. Love them!