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Rainy Days in the Hatch Valley

Rainy Days in the Hatch Valley

Hey, Chile Fans!

Hatch Chile Season is going strong here in the Valley!Fresh Chileis shipping out. As you saw in the installments of the Day in the Life of the Hatch Valley, we are doing our best to get you top-quality chile!

There has been rain in the Hatch Valley this week. Yes, it makes for beautiful photos, but this is not what we want in the prime time ofHatch Chile Season

As we saw last week, the pickers are on their hands and knees to bring us our chile. Rain like this, while nourishing to the plants, makes it impossible to harvest. Fortunately, some fields were harvested before it arrived and others missed it altogether! 

Yesterday, on our regular packing day, we were able to pack the majority of our orders. Unfortunately, there were some that were delayed. We went to bed thinking they would be able to harvest chile this morning.

We were anticipating that the remainder would ship today. Imagine our dismay when we checked the radar this morning! As you can tell it was not promising. By 8 a.m., there had been 1.5 inches of rain in the field we needed to harvest. 

We will start it all over again next week! We are hoping for sunshine with plenty of chile ripening on the plants! 
We are doing our best to get all orders shipped each week. We appreciate your understanding and your patience when the rains come. 

This year, we have experienced extreme heat, rain, and a variety of other challenges, but our customers make it worthwhile. We know how important it is that you get your chile! We are dedicated to making that happen.