April 5th, 2020

What is Hatch chile and what makes it so unique?

Hatch chile is a very unique pepper grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. While other people may say they have better chile there is no chile in the world like that grown in the Hatch Valley. The Hatch valley was once a floodplain for the Rio Grande valley, which is why it has the nutrient rich soil that makes the most amazing chile. The temperatures also fluctuate in the Hatch valley from being 100℉ during the heat of the day to 55℉ at night. There is nowhere else in the world with the same growing conditions for delicious chile.

There are also the amazing farmers of the Hatch Valley that make this chile so unique. Most of the farmers of the Hatch valley have been farming green chile for many generations and are descendants of Joseph Franzoy, the first commercial chile farmer. When you grow up in the chile capital of the world you have a special love for Hatch chile.

The typical season for chile here in the Hatch Valley runs from the first of August through the end of September. However, depending on the weather, we may have chile coming off by mid July. Some years, we've even harvested into the third week of October due to warm weather. On average, the season comes and goes pretty quickly though!