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What to Do in Hatch, New Mexico

Hatch, New Mexico, is a small village known as the "Chile Capital of the World," due to the large amount of chile peppers grown in the region. Here are some activities you might consider if you're visiting Hatch:

  1. Chile Festival: If you're in Hatch during Labor Day weekend, don't miss the annual Hatch Chile Festival. This event celebrates the harvest of the chile crop with food, crafts, chile roasting, and live music.
  2. Chile Tasting and Shopping: There are several farms and shops around Hatch where you can buy and sample different varieties of chile, fresh or dried, and products made from them, like salsas, dips, and chile powders.
  3. Local Dining: Hatch is home to a few local restaurants serving New Mexican cuisine. A local favorite is green chile cheeseburgers. See our recommendations here!
  4. Hiking: The desert and mountains surrounding Hatch offer hiking opportunities. The nearby Rio Grande river also offers a chance for outdoor activities like fishing or bird watching.
  5. Visit Local Farms: Some local farms offer tours where you can learn about chile farming and agriculture in the region. You might even get a chance
  6. Agricultural and Historical Tours: Hatch and the surrounding region have a rich agricultural and historical heritage. You might consider visiting local historic sites, museums, or taking a guided tour to learn more about the region's history.
  7. Scenic Drives: The region around Hatch is home to some beautiful desert landscapes, and you might enjoy a scenic drive in the area.

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