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Developed in the 1970's by Dr. R Nakayama at New Mexico State University, Big Jim is literally the largest variety of green chile grown in the US and in the Hatch Valley (it's in the guinness book of world records). It tends to have a paler color than our other varieties as well. Big Jim thrives in the climate and soil of the Rio Grande river valley but is easily damaged by heavy rains and high humidity. Plants are small in comparison to the giant pods they yield and you can find dozens of pods on a healthy plant during the harvest.

Big Jim is more of a medium as pods can vary a great deal in heat from one to the next but that's what makes it a family favorite. When chopped, the mixture makes for a great medium heat for enchiladas or burgers. This variety is also our personal favorite for making chile rellenos due to its great size and thickly meated pods. Rellenos made with the largest Big Jim pods can hold up to a half a pound of hamburger meat. They really are that big! We offer 5, 10, and 25lb boxes of fresh Big Jim as our medium-hot variety of and it is perennially our bestseller.

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The Medium-Hot Big Jims from the Hatch Chile Store are a staple in my house. Upon arrival, a portion of the fresh chilies are kept in the refrigerator for roasting, including in mire poix and/or other roasted veg, while the rest goes seeded and sliced into pepperocini-style rounds in gallon brine jars for months (but usually weeks lol) of hatchy enjoyment. Including Hatch in the repertoire is excellent and the Hatch Chile Store makes it convenient.

Kelly C

enjoyed them so much wish I could get them in stores here in NC

Shaun K

Would have liked some more heat in the peppers but they did make Huevos Rancheros to die for!!!

David M

Well shaped. tasty and not too spicy. Quick service by Hatch.

Susan L

I don't believe all the chili I received were Big Jims. But I suppose it was late in the year and they supplied the rest with what they had left in stock. The chili was good but not what I remembered Big Jims to be.

Hi Susan, What you received was definitely Big Jim. We pick and pack orders the same-day so we don't really have anything "in-stock" so to speak. The super late season pods were a little smaller due to the cold weather we had the first couple of weeks of October. They should still have had the great flavor and heat that Big Jim is known for though :) Best, Preston

Elizabeth H

My Big Jim chile arrived looking fresh out of the field! Fresher than the chile I got form the farmers down the road when I lived in NM. It was a beautiful bright green & roasted like a charm.

James T

they are hot and they are sweet. how can that be. i think i have ordered 30 pounds and made green chili stew and its al gone.

Don G

Quality was great!

Susan L

We used to buy Big Jim in Santa Fe...I told my husband, I couldn't move to Arizona unless we could get Big Jim Green Chile! it's THE BEST! We are thrilled to buy it fresh online and roast it ourselves. Your chile is exceptional.... As is your service. Thank You for keeping the farm growing...We will be ready to order again next Fall.

Margaret A

Richard L

I’ve ordered Big Jim’s from them in the past. You have to expect that a small percentage of the delivery will arrive spoiled and they aren’t cheap! On the other hand, these are the real thing. If you roast, peel, seed, and freeze them as soon as they arrive they’ll keep for as long as you want in the freezer. I use the largest ones for chile rellenos and chop the others as seasoning in a variety of dishes.

Theres T

These chili’s are awesome! So fresh! When my friends know that I’ve ordered,they show up with their hands out. And when they know I’m cooking with them, they show up with bowls in their hands. I will be ordering from these guys every year!


Nice true medium Chile’s. My new favorite Hatch Chile’s.

Desiree F

Vicki B

We were going to be out of town during the main harvest this year, so couldn’t order. We were delighted when the second crop came in. Same great chili’s and arrived in perfect condition. Thanks for being so great!

Thomas G

I just don't think it's hot enough for all the effort it does have good flavor but it's just not hot enough

Hi :) You're always welcome to order Hot if the Medium-Hot isn't hot enough for you.

Steven W

Hatch chilis are the best tasting. That said, about 20% of my 5 lb. Order were very thin with not much flesh in the pods. Some were missing the tops. This was the late season harvest. It did not compare to my earlier season order. I will continue to order in the future. It is my only solution living in South Carolina.


These are delicious fresh chiles.

Wendy Y

Very disappointed more than half were rotten

Michele B

The Big Jim Chili’s are the BEST! I love getting them in the mail, the whole kitchen takes on an awesome aroma. No spoilage at all, just fresh and fragrant. 10# box yielded 7-8#’s. Food storage sealer makes it easy to freeze after roasting and seeding. Thanks Hatch Green Chile store, we’re hooked!!

Rodney N

This was my first time to order any fresh chiles online. The order got to my house quick and the Big Jim's were in great condition. Very good flavor, just as I had remembered when I live in New Mexico, now I can get that flavor delivered to my door. Thank you "The Hatch Chile Store".

Alice A

This is the 4th time I have ordered the Big Jim chile and while their appearance was good, they were not as big and plump as in previous years. This does not mean that I am not looking forward to their deliciousness;) I will be a return customer for many years to come.

Tim P

My order of Big Jim arrived on time and in good shape for roasting. They were fresh and up to the Big Jim standard. They were large and the normal size as to the batch I received in 2017. Good taste and good heat. Thank you.

Dana H

Spent 20 yrs. in NM. Fell in love with chile. Moved to Maine. Ordered seeds from NM company. Couldn't get it to grow here. Found the Hatch store. I'm in love again. Took some diced up for eggs with the Boy Scouts. Fed it to the Scoutmaster who's name is Hatch. Now he's in love.

Alex S

Great flavor but definitely more of a medium-mild than a medium hot.

Katie O

Only draw back is that it is way closer to medium than hot. Next year, I’ll be ordering hot.

Francisco V

Really I don't like giving bad reviews, but we were disappointed that the Big Jim's we received had no heat what so ever. This was our first purchase and are leary of ordering again when we expected to get some medium heat from the chiles.

Michael M

I ordered this chile Medium Hot for a friend that moved to Oregon. He knows chile and says that the chile has no heat. could barely tell it was chile at all. He was very disappointed with the product. He hasn't had chile in over a year. Thank You

Kathryn G

I wish I had more!

Martha W

This was the best chili's I have ever had. My on line purchase was easy to place. I received my order in 3 days. Thank you