*PRE-ORDER* Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
*PRE-ORDER* Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
*PRE-ORDER* Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
*PRE-ORDER* Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
*PRE-ORDER* Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
*PRE-ORDER* Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
*PRE-ORDER* Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
*PRE-ORDER* Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs
*PRE-ORDER* Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs

*PRE-ORDER* Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile - 5lbs

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I understand that pre-orders for roasted chile will not begin shipping untill late October or early November.


Sandia is a favorite variety among our chile fanatics, as it provides a great kick. It can be used for dishes like enchiladas or rellenos. It is well-known for its consistent heat level and wonderful flavor. We flame roast all of our chile in traditional New Mexican style, then gently peel them by hand. Packages are 1lb vacuum-sealed freezer bags which are resealable. Our roasted, frozen chile is shipped in insulated containers with dry ice and typically delivered in 1-3 days from the time it leaves our freezers. Shipping is free for the lower 48 states!


  • Due to Covid-19 we have had to change our packaging process. Please expect for there to be small bits of the peel in your package. The chopped will NOT be completely de-seeded. These changes are to protect our employees as we cannot have the same number of people in our processing rooms while maintaining social distancing.
  • We cannot ship this product to PO Boxes. Please use a physical address when checking out.

  • We only ship roasted chile on Monday's, Tuesday's, or Wednesday's.

  • Shipped with dry ice. Please use gloves and handle with care.

  • These products qualify for our "Roasted Buy More Save More Discount" opportunity. If you buy 2 Roasted Hatch Green Chile products, you get 15% off. If you buy 3 Roasted Hatch Green Chile products, you get 25% off. If you buy 4 Roasted Hatch Green Chile Products, you get 35% off. These discounts do not stack with any other discounts. We do offer free shipping anywhere in the lower 48 states. Your order will be shipped via FedEx. 

    4.85 Average

    187 Reviews

    Lance J

    Very satisfied with my purchase. Quick delivery and wonderful customer service. I will definitely be ordering again.

    Debra S

    To be honest I haven't tried my Sandia peppers. I sent my son a few lbs.of sealed, roasted and peeled Sandia's, and he loves them, he said he tried one right away! Although my remaining 2lb. Sandia packs, I'll try soon, but I have tried the Sandia's fresh, where I roasted and peeled myself, and the heat, yeah baby!!, so I know they're great! I still have some of the Big Jim chili's. Hatch deserves 5 stars in my book. Thanks Hatch Chili's folks for saving me the time, and effort, just thaw enough to take out what I need, put back in the freezer. That's what I'm talking about!

    Susan E

    Wow! We like it hot and Sandia delivered. Perfect flavor and really, really convenient.

    Stephanie L

    Delicious Hot and Flavorful!!

    Cammy R

    Wonderful but could be hotter!!

    Dr N

    I can’t get enough of these chiles! I don’t live in west Texas anymore, so getting to order these is such a treat!!

    Gwen L

    I loved being able to have Green Chile from New Mexico so that is why I have to travel back to New Mexico every year. That is however for brief visits and I just can not get my fill. To be honest I would have preferred it hotter. I have longed for the heat and flavor of New Mexico Green chili since I moved to California in the 1970's.

    Bill L

    shane l

    These Chiles are the best. No Lie. If you are looking for authentic Hatch Green Chile, then this is the Chile for you, you will not be disappointed. Growing up in New Mexico one comes to expect a certain level. Communication was awesome, package came very quick and tidy.

    Bryan B

    Very good taste, excellent condition upon arrival, not really very hot.

    paula h

    Gary R

    Great flavor!

    Lisa F

    Love Hatch Green Chile. They are great vendors to work with. Quick easy delivery. Never had a problem. I've been ordering from them for few years now. The Hot roasted are delicious in my home made salsa and green chile tortilla chicken casserole.


    This chile is very flavorful but pretty darn hot! I was surprised. I bought chopped this year for the first time in a long time (because I am lazy and like to use directly from freezer) in the past I have found chopped to have slightly less flavor and heat so I chopped my own for a while. Lazy overcame me this year... but This chopped is really great and I highly recommend.

    Michael M

    Moved to Florida and needed a Chile fix and this Hatch Green Chile was the bomb ! THANKS

    william n

    i have ordered for years. i like them frozen and chopped in the 1 pound packages. They are tasty and i use them for garnish for steaks with a little olive oil and garlic salt, or i make different styles of "bowls of green" - sometimes with just onions sauteed and chilis, and sometimes with ground beef. often i throw in whole tomatoes crushed if i am in the mood. i have found the company reliable in my orders and i appreciate their handling of things. i can't eat as much carbs as i once did so i don't make the grits, baked potatoes slathered with chiles as I used to.

    Irene E

    Wonderful ,recommend and will purchase again!


    Living in Albuquerque for 20 years i ate a lot of chili the chili is good but a little pricey considering how much you pay for a sack in Albuquerque

    William H

    Excellent flavor. Just hot enough. Packaged well


    Sharon P

    The package arrived in New York with still-frozen chiles inside! My son had a great time playing with the dry ice. (Hint: Put it in a pot with some water and the house fills with spooky smoke.) And best yet, we now have a freezer full of NM green chiles! We made enchiladas on the first day. Delicious! The hot chiles were perfect!

    maryjane e

    Very pleased with my order. Chiles were solidly frozen upun arrival. Great packaging in their Styrofoam box, and very fast shipping to Florida. Taste is just what I remember from my days at the Bosque! A quality product. I will be ordering more.

    Cheri L

    I love your hatch chilles, they were so tasteful, flavorful and very fresh! I love the way you package them and the way your grow them, I will purchase from you all again. Also I am very pleased by the way your shipped them, I am just very happy with everything and will purchase from you again!

    paula J

    Best chili peppers

    Tony P

    Delicious as I expected

    Paul K

    The Chile is great I tell all of my friends where I get mine from. Had a little bit of a problem getting it to me three weeks I think is a little bit more than it should take. All & All it was worth it . Thanks I'll be ordering more in the future. What is the latest I can order? Thanks again I LOVE MY CHILE


    Awesome service and great tasting Hatch Chile.

    George G

    Had my first chance to use my Hatch chiles last night, making a green chile pork stew, and the results were superb! The Sandias were very flavorful, very plump, and the heat level was just right. For me, happiness is a freezer full of green chiles and I'm a happy man right now.

    Linda L

    Very good chile. Always arrives on time in good condition.

    Shawn M

    Packaged in 1 lb branded resealable bags. Super delicious, could be hotter though.