Roasted and Peeled Hatch Green Chile
Roasted, Peeled, and Chopped Hatch Green Chile
Roasted Mild (1904) Hatch Green Chile

Roasted Mild (1904) Hatch Green Chile

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Mild, (1904) has a very mild flavor with little to no heat. Mild tends to be a good place to start for people who don't enjoy spicy foods. It is meaty and a great choice for very mild rellenos. We hand roast all our frozen chile in the traditional New Mexican style then gently peel it by hand. All our frozen chile is packaged in 1lb resealable vacuum packed freezer bags. Frozen is shipped on gel packs and typically delivered less than 36 hours from the time it is taken out of our freezers.

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Lynn F


Great flavorful chile!

Sara H

art z

Mild but still has a little kick and wonderful flavor.

David R

The best chiles thank you


The mild were indeed MILD as advertised! Excellent rich flavor. We bought both fresh (when in season) and roasted, cleaned and frozen. The frozen ones were carefully shipped in an ice chest with dry ice and still well frozen when received. We will be ordering again soon!

christopher e

I expected a little heat but these are definitely mild.

Laurel A

I miss being able to go to Toswell every summer and get my Hatch chili’s. Now I can order them online and they are wonderful! Love the flavor and love that I can buy them already roasted and peeled.

John R

You folks have a great product. The first time had your chilies was on one of our frequent visits to New Mexico. Keep up the good work providing an excellent product

Natasha D

Fresh and flavorful!

Ruth M

Ernesto G

MY wife is very happy with your chilies. Nicely packed, still cold when it arrived and excellant product. Thank you!!

David R

This is the second year I've used you for my chili fix. I give it away as presents to my friends and recommend your sight to them. The menu is expanding I am glad to see. I'll be back soon for more !!!

James C

A great chile. Very mild and tasty.


Awesome! We moved to N. Montana ten years ago and have been receiving Hatch Green Chile as gifts over that period of time. Typically we get medium however, we now have two little girls and wanted to get some mild chile to introduce them to the flavor slowly. This was the best packaging we have ever received as it is very easy to thaw (5 min in a sink of hot water) and start using right out of the freezer. No plastic tubs that break in the freezer or single serving sizes that require you to thaw three or four portions per meal. This was absolutely perfect. Thank you very much and we will be repeat customers!

Peggy S

Am enjoying the chili! It is good quality and great to be able to get good green chili in South Dakota!

Henry B

Excellent service. It arrived still frozen. Thank you.

William H

I've been ordering Mild Roasted Hatch Green Chiles for over 10 years now, and will never stop. They get me through the long, cold New England winters. When I lived it Texas I used to drive to New Mexico buy them fresh and take them home and roast them myself. It would take days, and now I don't have to. They come roasted and peeled and ready for the freezer.

Susan R


Received my order a week ago and just made my first batch of Colorado green chili. Its delicious! Wish I had known about Hatch chili's sooner. Thank you Hatch Chili store.

Edward C


Rusty F

I have bought quite a few frozen chiles from yall over the past several years, and have always been pleased with them,,,this past Thanksgiving I stopped by and bought a cooler full of frozen chiles and took to some chile deprived friends at Yuma, those and those I got from yall a few days ago, surpassed all expectations of their quality,,,thanks for all yall do, please keep it us,,, Rusty Fleming

John W

My chilies arrived within 3 days of ordered. They were still frozen solid. I was impressed with their tracking map, the inner map nerd in me was excited to check it every few hours. I first used some of the chilies in a breakfast burrito and they were perfect. Since then I have used them to make several batches of chili verde. Overall the purchase process and product were great. I'll definitely be ordering again soon.

Vanessa T

The chilies came quickly, all the way to Massachusetts, still frozen solid. They were excellent quality and perfectly spicey. I used to have to bribe my friends out west to send me chiles but this is so much better!

Kirstan M

I love my chile! Thank you!



Had this shipped all the way to New Jersey to fill our hatch chile cravings! We had some winter storms in the area, and the customer service was very helpful when I called to get information about the status of our order since it was delayed by the bad weather. The chiles were completely rock-solid frozen when they arrived with no thawing or leaking, so we were very happy! We popped them straight into our freezer and have already polished off half our order! :)

Ellen M

I love these! Arrived quickly and well-packaged.


Karen O

This is the best chili on the market, hands down. I've never gotten any that I haven't loved. I was apprehensive about buying frozen at first, but they've been just as good as fresh; both are excellent. I used to live in Albuquerque, now I don't have that 'street-corner' access to fresh roasted chilies like I used to, and this has proven to be an excellent way for me to get my chili addiction satisfied (but only Hatch truly satisfies it, and trust me, I've tried multiple other chilies). There's just no comparison. I don't know what it is, but Hatch has a unique flavor and that's what I crave -- no other chili has come close, so thankfully these have always been shipped in great condition. If you're fellow a Hatch chili addict, this is the place to get them!