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Mild Hatch Green Chile

Our mild is a great starting point for customers who would like to try green chile, but don't like spicy food.

Medium Fresh Hatch Green Chile

This variety is a straight medium with little to no heat level variance and is only a hair hotter than our mild.

Hot Fresh Hatch Green Chile

Sandia is a smaller variety that is a favorite among Hatch Chile veterans. It's a great blend of flavor and heat.

X-Hot Fresh Hatch Green Chile

Lumbre is a true scorcher with each pod coming out blistering hot and is the smallest variety we've ever grown.

From Our Fields to Your Fork

"My Big Jim chile arrived looking fresh out of the field! Fresher than the chile I got form the farmers down the road when I lived in NM. It was a beautiful bright green & roasted like a charm."

Elizabeth H

"These chili’s are awesome! So fresh! When my friends know that I’ve ordered,they show up with their hands out. And when they know I’m cooking with them, they show up with bowls in their hands. I will be ordering from these guys every year!

Theres T

"Spent 20 yrs. in NM. Fell in love with chile. Moved to Maine. Ordered seeds from NM company. Couldn't get it to grow here. Found the Hatch store. I'm in love again. Took some diced up for eggs with the Boy Scouts. Fed it to the Scoutmaster who's name is Hatch. Now he's in love."

Dana H