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Fresh Hatch Green Chile

Straight from the Land of Enchantment.


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From the Heart of the Hatch Valley

Hatch chile is a unique pepper grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. While other people may say they have better chile, there is no chile in the world like that produced in the Hatch Valley.

Farm to Table

Our family has been growing chile in the Hatch Valley since the beginning, literally! We’re 5th generation descendants of Joseph Franzoy, the first commercial chile farmer in Hatch. We take our family’s legacy seriously so whether you’re new to Hatch or a die hard Hatch-head who has your chile delivered monthly, you’re in good hands here at the Hatch Chile Store!

Free Shipping

All 5lb boxes of Fresh Hatch Green Chile come with Free Shipping! We even guarantee that they will arrive fresh. If you have serious spoilage in transit, we'll reship, for free. Now thats a deal you can't beat.

Freshness Guaranteed

We know ordering fresh chile can be nerve-wracking. Will it arrive in good shape? Will it spoil in the back of a FedEx truck? We’re so confident in our guaranteed shipping method (2-Day Air) that if you have serious spoilage in-transit, we’ll reship for free!

Great Support

Have questions, well we have answers! Our customer service team is based right here in New Mexico and they are experts about all things Hatch Chile. Give us a call or shoot us an email, we'll be happy to help.

Fresh Hatch Green Chile ***PRE-ORDER***

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***THIS IS A PRE-ORDER FOR THE 2022 CROP (Harvest begins July/August)***

We offer our Fresh Hatch Green Chile in Mild, Medium, Hot and X-Hot heat levels. The regular season for fresh chile here in the Hatch Valley runs from mid-July through mid-October. However, depending on the weather, we may have certain varieties coming off earlier or later by a few weeks. Fresh chile is shipped in 5, 10, and 25 pound boxes. There are approximately 10 chile pods per pound, accounting for natural variation. We guarantee all orders when 2-Day or Overnight shipping is selected, so we compensate our customers accordingly when spoilage/damage occurs.

Mild (Machete and Joe Parker) range in size from 6-9 inches and has little to no heat. Mild is a great option for customers who love the flavor of Hatch Green Chile, but don't want to overdo it on the spice level. It is rather meaty and works well for mild rellenos. Some folks enjoy the flavor and meatiness of mild so much, they cut the vein from a pod of Sandia (Hot) or Lumbre (X-Hot) and stuff it inside mild rellenos, so that they can enjoy the meatiness and flavor without losing the heat.

Medium (Big Jim and Charger) are our famous medium heat varieties. Both are great for rellenos, as they are the largest and most meaty pods. These varieties have somewhat inconsistent heat levels from pod to pod and from year to year, so expect a lot of variation. Medium pods can grow between 8 and 14 inches in length. They can range on the scoville scale from 500-3,500 SHU.

Hot (Sandia and G76) tends to be smaller than the mild or medium pods, ranging from 4-8 inches in length. These varieties are favorites among chile veterans. They can be used for enchiladas, stew, sauces, and much more. Typically our hot is more than hot enough for most chile lovers, and it provides a great blend of flavor and heat.
X-Hot (Lumbre), our hottest variety, is relatively new to the world of New Mexican chile. It is much hotter than our regular Hot (Sandia). It is a true scorcher, with each pod coming out blistering hot. Averaging 3-5 inches in length, it is the smallest variety we've ever grown. You don't need to use much of this chile to sufficiently spice up your favorite dishes!
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