Fresh Hatch Green Chile

We offer farm fresh Hatch Green Chile delivered right to your door! Unlike the green chile you find at many supermarkets, ours is the real deal – authentic Hatch, New Mexico grown green chile. We believe that only what is grown here in the Valley should be labeled “Hatch” and that folks like you deserve fresh, authentic, quality produce. We ship right to your door rather than allowing your order to sit in a distribution warehouse for days or even weeks before making its way to your supermarket. Furthermore, we pick and ship our chile same-day, guaranteeing it’ll arrive as fresh as humanly possible.

You can order 5, 10, and 25 pound boxes filled with fresh, plump pods in mild, medium, medium-hot, hot, and x-hot. Prices are listed below, and all purchases can be made right here on the website. We also have roasting and processing instructions and a few time honored family recipes right here on our website so you can make the most of the delicious and unique flavor of your order. We grow only New Mexican varieties of green chile here on the farm and are committed to preserving the heritage and history of the Hatch name. As fifth generation members of the Franzoy family (the first family to cultivate green chile here in the Hatch Valley), we feel we have a responsibility to our customers and to ourselves to provide only the best.

Pre-Orders will start shipping as chile becomes available in July and August. We ship fresh chile out on Tuesdays during the season to ensure that each order arrives by Friday. Our cutoff  time for orders placed during the season is Monday at 12pm MST.