Roasted Hatch Green Chile

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Our roasted hatch green chile is the most convenient way to enough delicious, authentic New Mexican green chile. We do all the hard work for you (roasting, peeling, and packaging) then flash freeze it to ensure it stays fresh and ready to use throughout the off-season. It is just as tasty as our fresh green chile but twice as easy. All our frozen hatch green chile is flame roasted in the traditional New Mexican style, peeled by hand, and packaged in 1lb vacuum sealed freezer bags. Flavors can be mixed and matched in 5lb increments by request.

We ship frozen on gel packs in insulated containers. Frozen orders are shipped every Wednesday for delivery that Thursday or Friday. Read more about how we freeze our roasted chile for a detailed description of the roasting, peeling, packaging, and freezing process. Our frozen is available whole (flame roasted and hand peeled) and chopped (also flame roasted and hand peeled but also de-seeded and de-stemmed) in Mild, Medium, and Hot.

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