Medium-Hot Fresh Hatch Green Chile – (Big Jim)



Big Jim (Medium-Hot) is a  large, meaty variety ranging in size from 7-10+ inches in length and varies in heat levels.


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Developed in the 1970’s by Dr. R Nakayama at New Mexico State University, Big Jim is literally the largest variety of green chile grown in the US and in the Hatch Valley (it’s in the guinness book of world records). It tends to have a paler color than our other varieties as well. Big Jim thrives in the climate and soil of the Rio Grande river valley but is easily damaged by heavy rains and high humidity. Plants are small in comparison to the giant pods they yield and you can find dozens of pods on a healthy plant during the harvest. Big Jim is more of a medium as pods can vary a great deal in heat from one to the next but that’s what makes it a family favorite. When chopped, the mixture makes for a great medium heat for enchiladas or burgers. This variety is also our personal favorite for making chile rellenos due to its great size and thickly meated pods. Rellenos made with the largest Big Jim pods can hold up to a half a pound of hamburger meat. They really are that big!  We offer 5, 10, and 25lb boxes of fresh Big Jim as our medium-hot variety of and it is perennially our bestseller.

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