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When is Hatch Chile Season?

Hatch Chile Fields

As hatch chile continues to become more and more popular around the country, some interesting questions start to become common for us to hear. For instance, “just when is hatch chile season”? One of the biggest complaints we receive from potential customers is that they missed the fresh hatch green chile season. Because the season is so short (and it’s the only time that you’re able to purchase fresh, authentic hatch chile peppers) many people miss out and have to order our more expensive roasted, frozen option.

The typical season for chile here in the Hatch Valley runs from the first of August through the end of September. However, depending on the weather, we may have chile coming off by mid July. Some years, we’ve even harvested into the third week of October due to warm weather. On average, the season comes and goes pretty quickly though! This is why we recommend pre-ordering earlier in the year (plus we give you a great 15% discount on early orders). One thing that sets our farm apart is our pick-n-ship policy, meaning we load your order of fresh hatch green chile onto a FedEx truck the same day it’s picked from our fields. This ensures your order of fresh is as fresh as is physically possible on delivery.

Hatch Green Chile Fields
Our fields in the Hatch Valley.

If you DO miss the season, like I mentioned earlier, we’ve still got you covered with our flame roasted, frozen green chile. We flame roast and hand peel our frozen chile in the traditional New Mexico style, and then freeze them in vacuum-sealed bags before shipping them to you overnight on ice. Though its much pricier than our fresh chile, frozen is actually a really good deal. Not only do you have more finished product (5lbs of frozen is the equivalent of around 10lbs of fresh) you also don’t have to go through the lengthy process of roasted, peeling, packaging, and freezing your chile. If that’s half the fun for you and your family, stick with the fresh! But, you enjoy just pulling a package out of the freezer and getting right to cooking with it, you should definitely try our frozen.

Frozen Hatch Green Chile
Our flame roasted, frozen chile

Considering the brevity of hatch chile season, it should be no surprise that our annual Hatch Chile Festival takes place at the same time. The 2013 festival saw tens of thousands of chile connoisseurs from all over the world come to the Hatch Valley for our crazy chile-inspired festival. We’ve also written a nice article answering another popular question we get “When is the Hatch Chile Festival“. The hatch chile festival is part of what has made our town so famous and has been going on for decades in our tiny little town.

Hatch Chile Festival
Cars start to arrive at the festival.

If you see “fresh” hatch chile being sold at other times of year, then it’s not the real deal. We often see chile from China or South America advertised as “Hatch Chile” and think it’s a real shame. Of course, we hope you’ll choose to order your fresh hatch green chile direct from us here at The Hatch Chile Store but regardless of where you get your chile, don’t let it be fake!

50 thoughts on “When is Hatch Chile Season?

  1. Cannot wait to see the grills turn up in Santa Fe! We used our last bag of chile we froze last season from you! I had been hiding it but just had to use it when we went camping last week. Think I need at least 2 extra bags this year to get me ALL the way through to the 2014 season 😛

    1. We’re setting them up now! Take a look at the picture we’ve posted on The Hatch Chile Facebook Page.

  2. So I have seen some chile for sale here in Denver and it is advertised as hatch I am skeptical. It is barley July and they have been selling for two weeks now, is this possible

    1. Not likely. I live in Colorado, grew up in New Mexico, all green chile in Colorado is called Hatch chile. If you ask them what variety, they say ‘Hatch’ because it will sell. There is a lot of ignorance in these parts about green chile.

      1. Exactly! That is why our certification program for Hatch chile is so important. Look for the Hatch Chile Association CM tag to verify it is from Hatch!

  3. Hatch green chiles are the best!

  4. Greetings from Central Minnesota:

    We have been ordering Hatch chilies for 4+ years. Our Shipments have always arrived on schedule and in excellent
    condition!! (None were ever spoiled!!) We are already looking
    forward for a good growing season next year.!!

    Bob and Sue

  5. We featured another awesome recipe featuring Hatch Green Chiles. The mac n cheese was a great hit. I’m so looking forward to the chile festival. Can’t wait. Take a look at the recipe featuring the Hatch Green Chiles.


  6. When do you anticipate your first truck load of your chilies in Santa Fe, NM? I’m trying to work out a road trip to get some of your chilies, the best chilies there is!!!!


    1. I don’t think Berridge Farms will be up for several more weeks. I’d expect they’d start heading up the last weekend of August or so, based on how their chile looks. You should give Judy a call at 575-644-9377 if you want a firm answer. Enjoy!

  7. Last season I bought a Hatch Chile pepper plant during Hatch fest at a grocery store in Texas. I planted it and it’s still producing peppers currently in January 2016. Granted the best peppers that were of size were in september and October but is it just that the weather in Hatch NM is only able to produce Hatch chiles for the times provided above? Would growing a hatch pepper plant in Texas change the flavor and quality of Hatch peppers?

    1. There is actually no such thing as a “hatch pepper plant”. There are green chile cultivars that we typically grow here in Hatch such as the classics like NuMex Sandia and NuMex Big Jim but these are only “Hatch” when they are grown here in the Hatch Valley. We are in a high-desert region that typically sees its first frost in early or mid October so yes, that is why we are only able to produce chile seasonally.

      To answer your second question, yes. Growing a New Mexican cultivar elsewhere will change the flavor, size, texture etc. Te unique terroir of our area is why it’s so famous for its chile. Take that away and you’re just growing green chile, not “Hatch green chile”. 🙂

  8. I’m really looking forward to this years chili season, 2016. When we get them in Houston it is a big deal for my family and I to go get several pounds roasted, then we’ll freeze them in smaller packages to use through out the year.

  9. cant hardly wait until it is ready love hatch green Chile

  10. Send me info on getting the chillies,

    1. Linda, you can order here on the website at any time!

  11. Would like to know how much is a 50 lb of Bach green chilli

    1. Judy,

      Pricing for all our products is available here on the website. Click “shop online” and you can see all of the products we offer.

  12. I’m planning a day trip from Tucson to get some fresh roasted green chile’s. Could you tell me if they are being roasted for the public yet?

    Thank you!


    1. They sure are. You could save time and money by having us ship right to your door though!

  13. Today is August 26th 2016. Will you be in Santa Fe this weekend and if so where?

    1. Dave, Berridge Farms is a separate company. You’ll need to contact them to find out when they will be roasting.

  14. Why is 2016 Hatch chile so spicy?

    1. Lulu, we’re actually noticing a slight decline in overall heat from our fields this year. There’s a good chance the grower who you got your chile from used a different variety than what you bought last year if you noticed an increase in heat.

      1. I live in the Dallas area. I bought some from Whole Foods and from Albertson’s in Denison, TX. Both were extremely spicy. They advertised them as Hatch chiles and had boxes under them that said Hatch. I agree with you. May be false Hatch. I am originally from NM and have always enjoyed the Hatch brand.

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  16. Hello, can anyone tell me if the chili season is normal this year? We travel from CA and I hear it might be earlier this year. Thank you
    Tito Candelaria

    1. Tito, we don’t expect much difference. We’ll be shipping chile as early as the 15th of July but most markets in town won’t have chile till mid August.

      1. We plan to be in New Mexico through the 19th of July. Where could we get fresh chiles in ABQ?

        1. Chile season won’t have begun yet. If you find chile up there, it won’t be from here in Hatch.

  17. Looking to buy fresh chilies in a week or two. Any idea when this season is going to end for shipping out fresh chilies?

    1. Chuck, order quickly. We expect to finish the season in one to two weeks.

  18. Is there any for sure way to find out where your supermarket gets their hatch chilies from? I live in East Texas and rely on only a few stores to get them from. HEB is one of them….do you ship to them?

    1. We don’t ship to HEB. Look for the “certified” HATCH chile logo on products if you want a guarantee that the actually come from Hatch. All our products are certified HATCH.

  19. Hello! How is your season looking for 2018? Last year we missed the roasting in Santa Fe by a weekend, and it was Mid-Sept.

    1. Hi there! Our company harvests from mid July to mid October. One of the owners’ grandparents company goes to Santa Fe. They usually go from mid August to mid September but you can always order from us direct and we’ll ship right to you if you miss them.

  20. I will be traveling thru Hatch on the 20th of July I was hopping to pick up some chili. Is the season going to be early this year? Or will I be to early?

    1. There should definitely be chile in town by then.

  21. We are looking forward to Hatch Chile season for reception in Utah. When would one expect shipments of fresh Hatch Chiles to be shipped to various stores in Utah (such as Harman’s)?

    1. Daniel, our company will be shipping by the 17th of July but we don’t currently supply Harmons. Feel free to ask them to get in touch with us as I think they buy from Young Guns or another supplier.

  22. As of today, July 29, in Tulsa, our usual sources, Whole Foods and Reasors, have no Hatch Chiles.

    Should we be worried ?

    1. You’re always welcome to order from us directly, or refer your store manager to us. I believe Young Guns typically supplies them. They aren’t shipping yet this year. Our company has been shipping for two weeks. Hopefully Whole Foods will consider choosing the better vendor 🙂

  23. Are there any locations in Southern Oregon, to buy Fresh Hatch Chile?

  24. I would like to know if the boxes are to be full to the top or half way. The reason I ask is because I always buy several boxes and boxs were less than half full. How much is a box this year. I can’t wait to buy at least 4 boxes of Medium heat.. for our personal use. I would appreciate a response. I’m going to call store to hold me 4 boxes of peppers.

    1. Please email us at with any product related questions. We weigh in all our boxes so to see if you were shorted, you’d really need to weigh the boxes.

  25. How is the crop this year? Last years crop was s hotter than normal years.
    Would the chilies be running hotter this year or milder. Wife likes medium, but it was too hot for her last year.

    1. The crop was actually milder than usual last year. This year it seems to be running about average.

  26. I will be going to NM last week of August and going to Hatch to pick up bags of green Chile to bring back to California. What are the prices for bags thus year?

  27. Why are the chiles received today yellow?
    X-Hot Fresh Hatch Green Chile – (Lumbre) **PRE-ORDER**
    SKU: fresh-lumbre-25
    Qty: 1
    Quantity: 25lbs

    1. Hi Martin, sometimes a variety like Lumbre will be a little paler green than usual. Our early plantings of lumbre are all a little pale this year, the later ones seem to be more towards average.

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