Green Chile Powder
Green Chile Powder
Green Chile Powder
Green Chile Powder
Green Chile Powder
Green Chile Powder
Green Chile Powder

Green Chile Powder

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Add a flavorful spicy kick to any dish with our green chile powder. We use sun-dried chile to make the green chile powder, and the flavor is awesome! If you are an ex-New Mexican or someone who just loves spicy food, our green chile powder is right for you. We add it to tons of dishes, including Fettuccine Alfredo, potato salad, and of course, green enchiladas! Sometimes, we even add it to potato chips for a decadent spicy treat!

Green Chile Powder is available in Mild, Medium, or Hot and is packaged in 3oz spice jars, 6oz spice jars, or 11oz bags. Chile Powder must be cooked before consuming.

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Eloise T

The Hatch Chile Store's green chile powder is absolutely superb. We can't get enough of it as we use it with almost everything and always include it in rubs.

Debra P

Love love Love ❤️ Especially tasty & just the right hot! Sprinkling on my scrambled eggs!!

Wendy Y

Omg amazing use just a little goes a long way!!!

Christie T

We add this to most of our bbq meats and our table dishes as well. If you want good Chile flavor get this!!

June T

This is the best Hatch Chile Powder I have ever tasted; fresh, spicy and flavorful, just like Hatch Chiles should be ! If you can't take the heat, order the mild; still full of flavor ... thank you for an exceptional Hatch experience ! Blessings ... (photo below: Corn and Hatch ChileTamales smothered in Hatch Green Chile Sauce)


Jay L

excellent product

Daniel M

Awesome flavor and just all around great on everything

Ron E

A must have!!!

steve n

I have so missed my fresh green Chile. I come from Las Cruces and now live in Washington state. This powder is the be all end all to your cravings for pure green Chile flavoring!! In EVERYTHING!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


Adds great flavor! Great for meats!

Gail G

Rich, deep flavor. A great accent to ground beef for tacos. Can't wait to use it in other recipes.

cheryl r

be careful! very potent!! wonderful fresh flavor without the fuss

Joe W

Marie B

Excellent product! Great flavor - will be ordering again. Thank you for offering this and other related products.


Martin B

We've only used this a little since we purchased it but thus far, it's great. The aroma as AMAZING, and the flavor, of course is excellent and rich. Can't wait to use it in more recipes.

Renne O

Great flavor. Great for kicking up the green Chile flavor, without adding a lot of heat. We use it in addition to Hatch chopped green Chile (Joe Parker-medium whenever we want additional flavor, like in green Chile stew and hamburgers.


Rose M

I love the taste and can use it when I have my cucumbers with lemon just like another brand I use now!


Wow is this stuff great! Try it on popcorn and everything else.

Lori W

Arrived in perfect condition. Taste is mild, but great on everything from popcorn to chicken. Will get more when this runs out.

Diane V

The green chile powder is wonderful! We enjoy the roasted chiles so much that we just had to order the green chile powder... we were not disappointed. It has the same great taste as the fresh chiles in convenient powder form.


Great product!


Love the flavor! Thank you!!

Emily F

This Chile powder has the unique hatch flavor! It's great for the months in between fresh hatch chiles.

Diane M

I was not aware, when I ordered it that it has to be 'cooked' before using...


Shannon P

I love this on popcorn, frozen pizza, in virtually every recipe, in hot chocolate, cocktails with pineapple juice, etc. Literally it imparts a fairly mild bite into everything, and a hint of green chile flavor. When i lived in the region i made my own by dehydrating chiles i roasted myself, but it is nice all the work is done for you here. I ordered some last year expecting it not to the same as home dehydrated powders, it is. And i am so glad to have found it.

Dan S

Arrived as ordered, quickly and in great shape. Better yet, flavor of these green chile peppers is wonderful.