A line of five Medium Sampler jars of chili lee salsa and sauces, including Hatch Red Chile Sauce and Hatch Green Chile Sauce, arranged side by side on a woven mat. Each jar has a label featuring the brand
A Medium Sampler of Hatch red chile sauce on a woven mat, surrounded by dried red chile peppers, with a neutral background.
A Medium Sampler of Hatch Green Chile Sauce, placed on a woven mat alongside dried red chili peppers, against a blurred background.
A jar of medium sampler, labeled "papa's salsa - medium," with dried chiles around it on a woven basket, against a neutral backdrop.
A jar of Medium Sampler from The Fresh Chile Co., mild, displayed on a woven mat with dried chiles around, against a neutral background.

Medium Sampler

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Give the gift of Hatch! Whether it is someone's birthday, or a thank you, let us do your shopping for you. Order one of our amazing variety packs today and send them the authentic taste and flavors of our Sauces & Salsas!

In a Medium Heat level for everyone to enjoy. Each pack comes with 6 jars.

This variety pack includes 1 jar of each of the following: Fresh Hatch Red Chile Sauce, Roasted Hatch Green Chile Sauce, Hatch Green Chile Roast, Hatch Red & Green Chile Roast, Sun-Dried Hatch Red Chile Sauce, Papa's Homemade Salsa

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