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Roasted Red Mild (1904) Hatch Chile

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Mild (New Mexico 6-4) has a very mild flavor with little to no heat. Mild tends to be a good place to start for people who don’t enjoy spicy foods. It is meaty and a great choice for very mild rellenos. We hand roast all our frozen chile in the traditional New Mexican style then gently peel it by hand. All our frozen chile is packaged in 1lb resealable vacuum packed freezer bags. Frozen is shipped on gel packs and typically delivered less than 36 hours from the time it is taken out of our freezers.

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Stacey W

We love hatch chili peppers. They make everything taste great that they go in. The service is great they arrive on time and are still frozen when they get way up here in New Hampshire

Mona S

First time for roasted red chile. It is great! A different taste from the green but still that great chile taste. I have used it in posole, cornbread, enchiladas, with eggs, etc. The package was in great shape when I received it--frozen solid. So happy that I can buy chile for use in Indiana and I didn't have to pay shipping charges during that time. I ordered one package for a friend and one for myself. Now if we could just buy good tortillas in Indiana, I'd have everything. Thanks.

Betty F

chili arrived fine

Stephen R

Quality chili! Great flavor, roasted and frozen shipped perfectly! I live a long way from Hatch and this year, as in every year, a great taste of New Mexico! Thank you for your care and love of your customers. Steve