Hatch Chile Rellenos (12 ct)
Hatch Chile Rellenos (12 ct)
Hatch Chile Rellenos (12 ct)
Hatch Chile Rellenos (12 ct)
Hatch Chile Rellenos (12 ct)
Hatch Chile Rellenos (12 ct)
Hatch Chile Rellenos (12 ct)

Hatch Chile Rellenos (12 ct)

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Traditional Hatch Chile Rellenos packaged by the dozen! Our hand-dipped rellenos are made from freshly picked Big Jim Hatch Green Chile. Big Jim peppers have a medium heat level that provides a kick everyone can enjoy. We flame roast the peppers and peel them by hand. These gorgeous pods are then stuffed with cheese, crafting a flavor that is uniquely New Mexican. To top it off, our rellenos are fried to perfection with a light and crispy breading. 
The gooey cheese pairs perfectly with the spice of Hatch Green Chile and the golden brown breading. We have to warn you: once you try these, you won't be able to get enough!

Cooking Instructions:

Defrost the rellenos slightly (30 seconds in the microwave or 10-15 minutes left out). Then pan fry the rellenos on the stove for 7-10 minutes, or deep fry them at 375°F for approximately 4 minutes in the light cooking oil of your choice. Alternatively, you can air fry at 400°F until your cheese is thoroughly melted (typically around 9 minutes per 3 rellenos, but please use your best judgement).

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Brave the heat

Not sure which variety is best for you? Use the Scovile Heat Units to determine your heat tolerance.

Chile pepper heat is measured in Scoville Units. The number of Scoville Units indicates the amount of capsaicin present.

Scoville Heat Units compared to Hatch Chile varieties. Joe Parker & Machete (mild) 500-2,500. Charger & Big Jim (medium) 2,500-3,500. G-76 & Sandia (hot) 5,000-7,000. Lumbre (x-hot) 15,000-30,000. Habanero 200,000-350,000. Pure Capsacin 15,000,000.