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Roasted Red Hot (Sandia) Hatch Chile

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Hot (Sandia) is one of the smaller varieties that we grow. It typically ranges in size from 5-8 inches. Although not quite as meaty as Big Jim or NM-20, Sandia still has a thick wall and is great both chopped and whole. Sandia is a favorite among chile aficionados as it packs a real punch. It can be used for enchiladas, rellenos, and any other dish that calls for a kick. It is well known for it’s consistent heat, and makes great enchilada sauce. We hand roast all our frozen chile in the traditional New Mexican style then gently peel it by hand. All our frozen chile is packaged in 1lb resealable vacuum packed freezer bags. Frozen is shipped on gel packs and typically delivered less than 36 hours from the time it is taken out of our freezers.

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David W

Chiles arrived promptly and frozen solid. Excellent heat level and overall flavor. I dehydrated a small batch and made a very nice chile powder. I would highly recommend this place.

Gary R

Good heat and excellent flavor.


Margo B

Great and hot

Frank C

See my review of Roasted green chilis.

Serena c

I love everything about your company. friendly and helpful employees! I love that I found a way to get fresh roasted red and green chili, not to mention PEELED! , delivered to my front door.

Edward K

The quality on all of our Hatch Chile Store orders has been excellent and I would recommend this to anyone who appreciates the very best Chile peppers! I can't think of a better present to send someone who would enjoy them. The packaging was very well done and everything arrived perfectly as promised. Thank you Hatch Chile Store!

Chuck P

The peppers came just as expected. Solid freeze. Packaging was excellent with dry ice. Have used the first package and they were delicious! This is the third time I have ordered Hatch Chiles and I have always been more than satisfied. If you can't get your fix by living in New Mexico, this is the next best thing to being there!

Carol S

Product is good but it arrived in a crushed foam container, open to air within the box so was no longer frozen. This was not a problem with the green that arrived separately. Als I sort of expected a smaller chop for,the red. It is a pretty coarse chop that I needed to rework rather than use directly

Russell T

Linda K

The chili arrived in 2 days beautifully packaged and boxed in dry ice. We even received e-mail notification when our shippment had been delivered. We will definetely be customers again.

Frank B

This Chile was a complete surprise. I was not prepared for the delicate and delicious flavor of this roasted Red Chile. Not too much heat also as my poker group indulged their Chile cravings like they were munching candy. I'm going to reorder this ASAP.

Nancy P

I loved it! Just don't have any room for anything else in my freezer. Had to get enough for the year. I enjoy your nice folks that I talk to you when ordering. And also so happy with the results.