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Dapaw's Pecan Pie
A Family Tradition

Dapaw's Pecan Pie - A Family Tradition

Hey, Chile Family!

If you want to make a traditional pecan pie this holiday season, we are happy to share our family recipe with you! Great-grandmother Grace "Dabaw" Berridge's famous Pecan Pie is a must at Thanksgiving and Christmas in our family. Our very own Taylor Grace is carrying on the pie-making tradition.  We hope you enjoy this recipe and the story behind it as much as we do.

Family Recipe Card

Judy “Mamo” Berridge wrote down the recipe verbatim from Grace “Dabaw” Berridge. Note how well loved that recipe card is.

Judy Berridge, her daughter-in-love, shared this about her.

Grace Berridge who was called Dabaw by her grandchildren, was the true farmer's wife. She worked in the fields alongside her husband. She lived for those times when all the family was seated around her dinner table.

She always wore a bib-topped apron with pockets while cooking. She'd tell you. "I'm just throwing a little dinner together," and you'd get a ten-course meal. Her pecan pies were unequaled.  Even her candy recipes, like fudge divinity, and caramels, got an extra cup or two of pecans. Just delicious.

She had a strong faith and deep love for her family, and she was the best cook ever. That is my bonus mom - Dabaw, Grace Berridge."

My name is Taylor Grace and I was named after the Berridge family matriarch, my great-grandmother, Grace "Dabaw" Berridge. Now Dabaw was a heavenly cook and I still dream about her cooking. In her old age we had to constantly beg her to write down her recipes but she preferred to pass them down by teaching you to make them. She did this with Judy "Mamo" Berridge who took over the pecan pie making for the holidays.

Now, when I was 17 or 18 Mamo taught me how to make Dabaw's pecan pie. I thought I was just spending time with my grandmother but boy was I wrong. I was being groomed to become the pecan pie maker for future generations. Now for every Thanksgiving and Christmas it's my job to make the 2-3 pecan pies our family will enjoy. We love to share that recipe with you all as my great-grandmother was never one to covet family recipes.