Fresh Hatch Green Chile

What's the Deal with Hatch Chile?

Hatch Chile is a variety of chile pepper grown in the Hatch Valley, an area stretching along the Rio Grande in southern New Mexico. The region's climate and volcanic soil create ideal growing conditions for these peppers, and as a result, Hatch Chiles are renowned for their unique, robust flavor.

"Hatch" is not a specific strain of pepper but rather a general term for several varieties of New Mexican peppers that include the Big Jim, Barker, Joe E. Parker, and others. They range in heat from mild to extra hot.

Hatch Chiles have a very short growing season, typically from August to late September. During this time, they are picked and often roasted in large, rotating drums. Roasting them gives them a distinct, smoky, and slightly sweet flavor. After roasting, the chile can be peeled and then frozen for use throughout the year.

They are a key ingredient in New Mexico's official state question, "Red or green?" which refers to the type of chile sauce you prefer on your food.

Hatch Chile has gained a cult-like following in the United States and beyond. Many supermarkets in the U.S. even host annual Hatch Chile roasting events when they are in season. Additionally, their unique and sought-after flavor has led to the creation of many Hatch chile-flavored products, from chips and salsa to cheese and even wine.

We offer Fresh Green and Red Chile during chile season every year from July - October.

We also offer Frozen Roasted Green Chile year-round.

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