Fresh Hatch Green Chile

Fill Your Easter Basket!

Happy Easter, Hatch Chile Fans!

The Hatch Chile Storewants to help you fill your Easter baskets with sweet treats, spicy goodness or both! There is something for everyone on your list!


We're the Hatch Chile Store, of course we have Spicy!

*Hatch Green Chile



*Prepared Foods

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We have sweet treats!

*Chocolate Pecans

*Yogurt Pecans

*Dark Chocolate Pecans

*Glazed Pecans

*Sweet & Spicy Pecans

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Why yes, we have savory as well!

*Green Chile Pecans

*Green Chile Pistachios

*Red Chile Pecans

*Red Chile Pistachios

*Pecan Halves

*Pecan Pieces

*Sweet & Spicy Pecans

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Be proud out loud when you show off your Hatch Chile Store Swag!

*T-Shirts *Hoodies

*Sweatshirts *Polos

*Caps *Totebags *Aprons

*Glassware *Coasters *Tumblers


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