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Ristras - Rooted in Tradition

Ristras - Rooted in Tradition

Hey, Chile Fanatics!

We're taking a fun little detour on our Hatch Chile Store Chile University path today! We all know that chile is a part of the way of life here in New Mexico. It is a staple in our diets. Did you know that New Mexicans consume more chile per capita than any other group in the USA? 

Along with chile in our diets, we love chile in our decor! Chile Ristras are the unofficial symbol of New Mexico. These beautiful strings of dried red chile are a welcoming sign here in the southwest, especially in New Mexico. Along with those in kitchens, you'll find them on doorways, porches, and even on fence posts. They have come to symbolize health and good luck. 

As you can see from this vintage calendar page,chile ristras are a beautiful tradition! The sundried chile is strung together to make the festive and practical ristras. The vibrant red color will even make a beautiful addition to your Christmas decor! 

The ristras from the Hatch Chile Store are made from chile sundried in the fields right here in the Hatch Valley.

Here at the Hatch Chile Store, we sell a variety of ristras. We have traditional Sandia Ristras with lager, darker chile. They come in lengths of 6 inches to 3 feet! We also have wreaths, crosses, and ristras made from chile pequin - a smaller brighter chile. In case you didn't know, the Sandia peppers are our hot chile. Chile peqiun may be smaller, but they have a lot of bite!

Untreated ristras, when kept indoors, can last for up to two years. Treated Ristras, when kept indoors, can last for four or more! 

Now is the time to pre-order your chile ristras! These beauties will be ready to ship in the fall after the chile has dried in the sun. Whether for your own home or as a gift, you'll want to place your order now.