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What to See in Hatch, New Mexico

Hatch, New Mexico, is famously known as the "Chile Capital of the World," due to the region's large-scale production of chile peppers. This tiny village is nestled in the fertile Rio Grande Valley and offers a variety of unique attractions for visitors:

  1. Chile Farms: When in Hatch, you must visit the local chile farms. Many farms offer tours where you can learn about the process of growing and harvesting chiles. Some farms even allow you to pick your own chiles.
  2. Hatch Chile Festival: If you happen to be in Hatch over Labor Day weekend, don't miss the annual Hatch Chile Festival. This event celebrates the harvest of the Hatch Valley's most famous crop with music, food, arts and crafts, a chile roasting, and more.
  3. Sparky's Burgers, BBQ & Espresso: This quirky restaurant is famous for its green chile cheeseburger. The outside of the restaurant is adorned with a variety of vintage signs and larger-than-life sculptures, making it a fun photo stop as well.
  4. Hatch Valley Museum: This small museum offers a glimpse into the history of the Hatch Valley and its farming tradition.
  5. Rafting on the Rio Grande: If you are up for some adventure, consider taking a rafting trip down the Rio Grande. There are several outfitters in the area that can guide you.
  6. Explore Local Arts and Crafts: Hatch has a small but thriving arts scene. Be sure to stop by local art and craft stores to browse and possibly purchase a unique souvenir.
  7. Wine Tasting: The Hatch region is part of the larger New Mexico wine country. There are several vineyards and wineries in and around Hatch where you can sample local wines.

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