Three hand-made Chile Pequin Wreaths hanging against a white background, varying in size from large to small, arranged in a horizontal line.
A vibrant image of two hanging hand-made chile pequin wreaths, one in focus in the foreground and another slightly blurred in the background, under natural sunlight.
A hand-made chile pequin wreath hangs on a textured beige wall, providing a vibrant and spicy decoration.
A vibrant red Chile Pequin wreath hangs against a plain white background, adding a fiery decorative touch with the Chile Pequin Wreaths.
A vibrant red Chile Pequin Wreaths hanging against a plain white background.
A vibrant red Chile Pequin Wreaths hangs against a white background, adding a festive touch with its circular design and natural texture.
Nutrition facts label showing details for a serving size of one Chile Pequin Wreaths pod, weighing 59 grams, with 15 calories, 0 grams of total fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Chile Pequin Wreaths

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Our Chile Pequin Wreaths are great for adding that special New Mexican vibe to your door or anywhere inside your home. Our wreaths are hand-made year-round out of sun-dried chile pequin (also known as chile de arbol). Pequin Wreaths make a beautiful addition to your front door or entryway. We offer our Pequin Wreaths both treated (inedible but preserves color and shine) and untreated (edible but be careful, they are HOT).

  • We cannot ship this product to PO Boxes. Please use a physical address when checking out.
  • Wreaths come in three widths (these are approximate): 8", 10", and 13"
  • All our wreaths are hand-made in the lovely town of Hatch, New Mexico
  • By default, we do not treat our wreaths, but you can have us treat yours (to preserve its color) for a $5 charge
  • Just like a ristra, this wreath is topped with corn husks and has a string loop with which to hang it
  • Ristras, Wreaths, and Crosses ship Tuesday-Friday.

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We cannot ship this product to PO Boxes.

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