Roasted and Peeled Hatch Green Chile
Roasted Medium (Joe Parker) Hatch Green Chile

Roasted Medium (Joe Parker) Hatch Green Chile

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This season's Medium is running a bit milder than usual. If you want a little kick, we recommend ordering our Medium-Hot.

Medium, (Joe Parker) is a variety of chile developed at New Mexico State University. It is a medium sized, meaty variety ranging in size from 5 to 8 inches in length. Unlike Big Jim, Joe Parker is relatively consistent in heat and doesn't vary much from one pod to the next. It is great for rellenos, but won't yield the huge half pounders that Big Jim does. Like all our other roasted offerings, our Joe Parker is flame roasted in the traditional New Mexican style then gently peeled by hand. Packages are 1lb vacuum sealed freezer bags which are re-sealable like a zip lock. Our roasted, frozen chile is shipped in insulated containers on gel packs and typically delivered in 1-3 days from the time it leaves our freezers.

Our medium hatch green chile (Joe Parker), like all our flame roasted chile, qualifies for free shipping! Orders which ship free typically ship via FedEx Home Delivery (a ground service) but we still guarantee that they will arrive frozen and in great shape! Unlike our fresh green chile, we can just add extra dry ice for the additional days in transit. This practice saves our customers a LOT of money on shipping and we see great results with it. If you'd like to upgrade your roasted order to an air shipping method, please email us after placing your order and we'll get you a quote for the additional shipping charges.

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Mark W

Edith B

Excellent service, delicious Chile. We have ordered many times before and will definitely you yor your your order again. Wishing you much success and a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a prosperous New Year. Thank you again. Edith Brack


Perfect taste to add to just about anything you would like green chile on. It has flavor, a bit of a kick, but not so hot you can't enjoy it.

Sara H

Patricia H

My frozen roasted Hatch Chilies arrived in perfect condition- still frozen solid carefully packed and surrounded with dry ice. I am looking forward to my next batch of pork chili verde.


Product came a little later than I thought, but no big deal. I just had a sample of this and it was fantastic. Just the right about of flavor and heat.


This was a great find! I have family that loves Hatch chile, but can't handle it too spicy. This Joe Parker was the solution. Like all of The Hatch Chile Store's chile, it's meaty and very flavorful, but the heat level is between mild and medium which allows you to add A LOT of chile to a dish that everyone can enjoy.

Gino L


Delicious. Absolutely delicious. The flavor is exactly what I dreamed for when I ordered them. Thank you!


Next best thing to buying fresh roasted out of a parking lot, but much more convenient when you live so far away.

rex s

Great taste not to hot.My wife loved the taste of my Colorado chili using this chili powder.

Mary B

I love these Chile’s. They have a nice sweet taste with just a hint of heat. Perfect! The people who took my order on line answered all of my questions and helped direct me to the right Chile for me. They were very knowledgeable and friendly. The one pound packages are so convenient.

Vicky C

Today I talked to the 3rd customer service rep who said they could do nothing about my burning hot chilies that were supposed to be medium!!! Im even more disappointed than yesterday!!! ALL I WANT IS SOME CHILIES THAT i CAN EAT!! NOT ONCE HAVE THEY OFFERED A REPLACEMENT OR AN APOLOGY!!! SO MUCH FOR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!!

Cherie A

The chili was perfect, amazing, authentic, and super delicious. When I first opened the bag, I took a big sniff and it smelled just like home!

Paul B


Michael P

Just what I was expecting, the taste, aroma, & flavor like no other. Good Job guys. Chili hero

Sharon P

The package arrived in New York with still-frozen chiles inside! My son had a great time playing with the dry ice. (Hint: Put it in a pot with some water and the house fills with spooky smoke.) And best yet, we now have a freezer full of NM green chiles! We made enchiladas on the first day. Delicious!

margo s

Last year they were very consistent in heat. Not very very, but very. This year the heat is more varied.

Tony P

More to my wife’s liking also. Not as warm but also good on anything !!


My chilis were incredible. Best green chili ever last night. Only issue is some packs are hotter than others - by a lot. But that is just nature....


Living in New York, we simply can't get the best Green Chiles in the world (Hatch). It is nearly impossible to cook up a real batch of Green Chile (you have to have Hatch Green Chiles!). We were VERY happy with our order. The order we received was outstanding for several reasons: 1. It was a good value, 2. It was shipped promptly (and the packaging was REALLY well done), 3. The Chiles were delicious! - Most important: 4. We are able to cook up a real batch of Green Chile for our Burritos and Chile Rellenos!!! Thanks so much! Greatly appreciated. I will ALWAYS order my Chiles from The Hatch Chile Store!

Bryan T

So... I think you saw my last name and sent me the gringo med. absolutely no heat kinda disappointed

marcus p

I love these guys! All heart and the best Chili's on the planet!

Natasha D

The heat of this chile was just right..not to hot just enough heat to let you know you are eating chile!

Susan K

Yummmmmy!!! This is the best chile I've gotten in a few years! Love the package also - compressed zip lock. I can use what I need, seal it up and save for tomorrow. Ordering was easy and delivery was as promised. I live in DC area and the chile arrived wrapped in dry ice and flat packages ready for freezer - ok, I thawed one and used it that night! Now if you could just package the smell of roasting green chile I'd be in paradise!

Patricia F

The best green chile's (Joe Parker) ever!!!! And they arrived in perfect shape!! Definitely will be ordering more in the future!!


I am a Native of Colorado, and moved to Michigan. I have been ordering Hatch Green Chile for years. It is like being at home. The Chile is fresh, and ordering is so easy. They also, deliver in a quickly manner. I would highly recommend ordering from Hatch Green Chile:)

Michelle S

My order was hassle free! I was concerned because it was delays a day by UPS. The chilis were still frozen when they arrived!! Will definitely order again!

Emilio T


The chiles arrived extremely fast. They were all in frozen separated packets which made it super convenient to unfreeze a bit at a time. The flavor is great and the medium is definitely not that hot so people who can't handle spicy food will enjoy them.