1904 – Mild Hatch Green Chile

Our mildest variety, 1904 is a staple among chile growers here in New Mexico. Prized for its consistent flavor and very low capsaicin content, this variety is a true mild. 1904 has no more heat than a bell pepper but still has that delicious New Mexican chile flavor once roasted and peeled. This variety is also very large and meaty so it is a great choice for rellenos!

One reason we love 1904 as farmers is that it is one of the hardiest varieties we grow. Big Jim is far more susceptible to the viruses and fungi which make growing chile a tricky business. On wet years, you can lose an entire crop of Big Jim to diseases such as phytophthora or vert while you lose only a fraction of your crop of Sandia or 1904. You can buy this variety of mild hatch green chile in five, ten, and twenty five pound boxes, just like all our other varieties.
One thing to keep in mind when ordering mild is that because it is so meaty, you’ll have fewer pods in a box of any given weight. When shipping Sandia or Lumbre, each pod weighs far less than a pod of 1904 so you have to put more pods in any given box to make weight. So, if you plan to use Mild for rellenos you should probably order a little more than you would if you have previously ordered Medium or Hot. Our family likes to use 1904 for their rellenos and add a the vein from a pod of Sandia or Big Jim in order to heat the relleno to taste. That way, you get the best of both worlds, both a large meaty relleno and a nice kick that lets you know you are actually eating chile!

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