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Mild, ranges in size from 6-9 inches, and is a very mild variety with little to no heat. Our mild is a great starting point for customers who would like to try green chile, but don't like spicy food. It is extremely meaty, and works very well for very mild rellenos. Some folks enjoy the flavor and meatiness of mild so much, they cut the vein from a pod of Big Jim or Sandia and stuff it inside rellenos made with 1904 so they can enjoy the meatiness and flavor without losing the heat.

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We grow several varieties for our medium chile including Big Jim and Charger. Both make for great relleno chile as they are large and meaty. These varieties also have inconsistent heat levels from pod to pod and from year to year. If you're looking for a solid kick, we recommend you opt for our Hot rather than our Medium.

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Hot (Sandia or G76) chile tends to be smaller, ranging from 4-8 inches. The largest Chile comes off during peak season and the smallest comes off during the early and late season pickings. These varieties are both straight hot and are favorites among chile veterans. They can be used for enchiladas, rellenos, and most spicy things you can think of. Sandia/G76 are some of our favorites along with our medium varieties such as Big Jim & Charger. While they are less suited to making rellenos, our Hot varieties are still large enough to make smaller rellenos.

Typically, Sandia is more than hot enough for most chile lovers and has a great blend of flavor and heat. While not as thickly meated as Big Jim, it is significantly meatier than our X-Hot Lumbre most of the time

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Our hottest variety, Lumbre, is relatively new to the world of New Mexican chile. It is much hotter than our regular Hot (Sandia) but still has killer flavor. Lumbre is a true scorcher with each pod coming out blistering hot and is the smallest variety we've ever grown. It's pods are shorter and narrower than our other varieties but still have enough meat for roasting. Lumbre was developed by Jimmy Lytle, son of Big Jim Lytle for whom the world-famous Big Jim variety is named.

While Lumbre is a super-hot, it still has a wonderful New Mexican chile flavor and goes great in enchilada sauces. You don't need to use much lumbre to spice up your favorite dish either! Lumbre sets smaller pods ranging from 3-5 inches so don’t expect to be making too many rellenos out of it. As a chopped chile, it packs such a big punch you can make a pot of enchilada sauce from our Mild and sprinkle in a little lumbre if you want to turn that mild into Hot. If you’re a true chile-head, Lumbre is ideal for salsa because of it’s intense flavorful and extreme heat.

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Our Medium Fresh Hatch Red Chile is a large meaty chile ranging in size from 7-10 inches in length. Big Jim and Charger will vary in heat from one chile to the next, so it is a favorite in our family to chop and use for medium heat enchiladas. It is also great for rellenos, if you don't mind the variety in heat. We've had Big Jim chile rellenos that held a half pound of hamburger!!

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