Lumbre – X-Hot Hatch Green Chile

Lumbre is our X-Hot variety. On the scoville units scale it ranges between 9,000-10,000 units. This chile is not for the faint of heart and will leave your mouth burning for hours… literally. Lumbre was developed by Jimmy Lytle, son of Big Jim Lytle for whom the Big Jim variety is named. It is much hotter than the typical New Mexican jalapeno, and can be used sparingly to spice up enchilada sauces and salsas.

Lumbre sets smaller pods ranging from 4-6 inches so don’t expect to be making too many rellenos out of it. As a chopped chile, it packs such a big punch you can make a pot of enchilada sauce from our Mild and sprinkle in a little lumbre if you want to turn that mild into Hot. If you’re a true chile-head, Lumbre is ideal for salsa because of it’s intense flavorful and extreme heat.

We offer fresh Lumbre in 5, 10, and 25 pound boxes. Order online or call us at 575-635-4680 to order your box of  Lumbre today!

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