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Mild Roasted Hatch Green Chile

Our mild is a great starting point for customers who would like to try green chile, but don't like spicy food.

Medium Roasted Hatch Green Chile

This variety is a straight medium with little to no heat level variance and is only a hair hotter than our mild.

Medium-Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile

Big Jim is literally the largest variety of green chile grown in the US and in the Hatch Valley (it's in the guinness book of world records).

Hot Roasted Hatch Green Chile

Sandia is a smaller variety that is a favorite among Hatch Chile veterans. It's a great blend of flavor and heat.

From Our Fields to Your Fork

"Ordered the chili roasted and peeled. Unless you are a pro at doing both, order it like I did. Best decision I could have made. Only problem is, you can never order enough! I am a repeat customer. Love this place. We even got free shipping on our order."

Paul M

"These Chiles are the best. No Lie. If you are looking for authentic Hatch Green Chile, then this is the Chile for you, you will not be disappointed. Growing up in New Mexico one comes to expect a certain level. Communication was awesome, package came very quick and tidy."

Shane L

"The package arrived in New York with still-frozen chiles inside! My son had a great time playing with the dry ice. (Hint: Put it in a pot with some water and the house fills with spooky smoke.) And best yet, we now have a freezer full of NM green chiles! We made enchiladas on the first day. Delicious! The hot chiles were perfect!"

Sharon P