Freeze Dried Hatch Green Chile
Freeze Dried Hatch Green Chile

Freeze Dried Hatch Green Chile

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Introducing Freeze-Dried Hatch Green Chile! No preservatives or additives, just pure green chile from the chile capital of the world.

We take our world-famous Hatch green chile, roast it over an open flame, peel it by hand, dice it up, and then freeze-dry it to preserve the wonderful flavor that you can only get from Hatch green chile.

Rehydrate the chile and it's the perfect addition for soups, burritos, or eggs! Our team loves to take it along on camping trips to make the perfect campfire burgers.

Each package contains .21oz of freeze dried chile. Adding 4oz of water will rehydrate the chile to 4oz.

We also have some Freeze Dried Red & Green Hatch Chile for all you Christmas lovers!


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Virginia M

is great like homemade i dont buy salas at the stores because they have vinegar in them your's has none you know how to make salsa will be buying many more from you thanks for great taste