A black stainless steel Get Roasted Water Bottle featuring a colorful design with two green chili peppers, flames, and the text "get roasted" in playful, bold lettering.
A hand holding a black Get Roasted water bottle with a colorful design featuring flames and the text "get roasted" on it, isolated on a white background.
A close-up of a black coffee tumbler with double-wall insulation and a silver cap featuring a "Get Roasted Water Bottle" logo with a flame design, positioned diagonally on a white background.
A stainless steel Get Roasted Water Bottle with a "get roasted" logo featuring a red chili pepper and flames, displayed on a white background.
White stainless steel Get Roasted Water Bottle with a playful design featuring two green chili peppers and a flame, alongside the text "get roasted".

Get Roasted Water Bottle

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Your drinks should always stay at the perfect temperature, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. Say goodbye to bulky flasks and boring colors, and get an everyday water bottle that reflects your personality. Made from stainless steel and with double-wall insulation, this bottle is the perfect mix of fashion and function.

• High-grade stainless steel
• 17 oz (500 ml)
• Insulated for hot and cold liquids (keeps the liquid hot or cold for 6 h)
• Hand-wash only (dishwasher not recommended due to vacuum seal)

Disclaimer: Keeping water in the bottle for over 24 hours is unhygienic and can result in an unpleasant smell.

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