First Shipment Info 2012

We thought you'd like to know that the 2012 harvest is about to start. We plan to ship early next week for delivery on Thursday or Friday so, if you've already ordered, get ready to roast some chile! If you've ordered a 10 or 25 lb box, you'll receive a shipment notification via email from FedEx the day we ship your order. This email will include your tracking number(s). If you lose this email, you can also track your order by logging in to your account with us and clicking on the "My Account" link at the top of the page. You'll see a list of previous orders on the following page. Click on the "View" button for the appropriate order and you'll see your tracking number(s) listed in the order comments.  Tracking numbers for 5lb boxes can be found in the order comments as well. If you can't receive your order next week and haven't made special arrangements with us, please reply to this email so we can work out an alternate ship date. We typically ship chile through late September so we rarely have problems finding a good week.

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