A jar of Hatch Jalapeño Salsa Verde on a wicker mat, flanked by dried red chiles, with a neutral beige backdrop.
A jar of Hatch Jalapeño Salsa Verde from the fresh chile co., labeled "hot," placed on a wooden surface, surrounded by fresh green jalapeño peppers.
Nutrition label for Hatch Jalapeño Salsa Verde displaying information like serving size (1 tbsp), calories (0), total fat (4.5g), sodium (70mg), and other details such as 0
A glass jar of Hatch Jalapeño Salsa Verde on a wooden kitchen counter, with a spoon inside and a bottle of chili seasoning beside it. A salad bowl is visible in the background.
A jar of Hatch Jalapeño Salsa Verde. The jar is labeled "hot" with an illustration of jalapeño peppers. It's a 16 oz container displayed on a clean

Hatch Jalapeño Salsa Verde

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Our Salsa Verde will make you think you've traveled to a taco stand in Mexico! Inspired by traditional Mexican salsa taquerias, you'll find this creamy & spicy flavor leaving you wanting more. Made from jalapeño peppers from Hatch, New Mexico (Chile Capital of the World), you'll find our versatile salsa is paired well with chips, tacos, salads, and many other of your favorite foods. Available only in Hot, be ready for a good bit of heat! (Non-Vegetarian: contains chicken broth)


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Brave the heat

Not sure which variety is best for you? Use the Scovile Heat Units to determine your heat tolerance.

Chile pepper heat is measured in Scoville Units. The number of Scoville Units indicates the amount of capsaicin present.

Scoville Heat Units compared to Hatch Chile varieties. Joe Parker & Machete (mild) 500-2,500. Charger & Big Jim (medium) 2,500-3,500. G-76 & Sandia (hot) 5,000-7,000. Lumbre (x-hot) 15,000-30,000. Habanero 200,000-350,000. Pure Capsacin 15,000,000.