Hatch Red Chile Roast
Hatch Red Chile Roast
Hatch Red Chile Roast
Hatch Red Chile Roast
Hatch Red Chile Roast
Hatch Red Chile Roast
Hatch Red Chile Roast

Hatch Red Chile Roast

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Our Hatch Red Chile Roast comes straight from our family farms to your table. We leave our world-famous Hatch Green Chile on the vine until we get a cold snap, which turns it a bright and beautiful red. The chile develops a hint of sweetness that pairs wonderfully with the spicy kick. Our Hatch Red Chile Roast can be enjoyed on everything from your morning eggs to your taco Tuesdays. You'll often catch our staff making a meal of it with some fresh tortilla chips. This Hatch Red Chile Roast is made with just 5 simple ingredients: roasted Hatch red chile, salt, garlic, water, and citric acid. You can enjoy it in Mild, Medium, or Hot but be careful, you'll soon be addicted no matter the heat level!

No Preservatives - No Added Sugar - Gluten Free


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Brave the heat

Not sure which variety is best for you? Use the Scovile Heat Units to determine your heat tolerance.

Chile pepper heat is measured in Scoville Units. The number of Scoville Units indicates the amount of capsaicin present.

Scoville Heat Units compared to Hatch Chile varieties. Joe Parker & Machete (mild) 500-2,500. Charger & Big Jim (medium) 2,500-3,500. G-76 & Sandia (hot) 5,000-7,000. Lumbre (x-hot) 15,000-30,000. Habanero 200,000-350,000. Pure Capsacin 15,000,000.