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Ol' Gringo Green Sauce

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This savory green chile sauce is a combination of chopped hatch green chile, garlic, tomatoes, onion, and spices making it the perfect addition to any New Mexican dish. Try it with chips or with any enchilada recipe but either way it will be a hit! Ol' Gringo Green Chile Sauce comes in Mild, Medium or Hot and can be ordered by the jar or by the case of 12.

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Pleasant, just the right heat level.

Russell B

Ol Gringo green chili is the best. Used to be able to mix and match sauces but there is no way to do it now. I give to friends for christmas and the all love it!!

Kelly W

I'm from Michigan, and my Husband is from Gallup NM and I decided to surprise him and put out a bowl of your Green Chili sauce. He really liked it. I was very happy that he had a smile on his face after tasting it. His exact words were "Honey, where did you get this, it's Awesome:" :-) Much Love from Michigan


My order was received in excellent condition. All jars were undamaged and I am already enjoying the contents of the first jar I opened. The sauce is delightfully delicious and a tasty reminder of the New Mexico food that I love. Since having to move from my beloved state, it's wonderful to be able to order gourmet chili straight from the Hatch chili fields, Thank you so much for your prompt shipping of my order. I will be ordering from you again! That's a promise,


I don't know how I lived so long without this in my pantry.

Vincent W

Great salsa and the best we've had. Just that we went through the 1st jar like greased lightining. We will now purchase the 5lb already roasted medium chilies so that we have an unlimited supply on hand.

commilla t


Steven C

Best out there!!! Soooooo Goooood!!!!!!!!

Steven C

Best out there.... Soooo Good :)


Lived in N.M. for 10 yrs. Now in Fl. I missed green chili every day and now have everything I need. Thanks to Ol' Gringo. Thanks!

Linda M

Excellent as usual. We love this for smothered burritos or chicken enchiladas. The recipe for Chile Rellenos (traditional) posted on your website is exactly what I remember. They turned out beautifully.

Robert B

the product arrived promptly and am thoroughly enjoying it. thank you bob

Steven C

OMG...... the closest to grandmas homemade I have found ever!!!!! I use the it in practically everything, so gooooood!!!!!

Steven C

Sooooo Goooood!!!!!!!!


Very tasty.


A great sauce, both raw (right out of the jar) or cooked (on meat before grilling or mixed with sauteed meat/veg). Wife loved it. Medium has a perfect "medium" heat.

Robert B

all three sauces were very good .

Leonard O

We love Hatch Chiles and the Ol' Gringo Green Sauce is amazingly versatile in the ways it can be used. Great flavor!

Michael M

Delicious taste of New Mexico. Open it up and throw away the lid. You won't need it, because you'll eat it all.

Larrly J

Almost like my mom's homemade salsa. The BEST i've ever had in a jar. It was so good that I want to try all the other salsa you make. Thank you Larry Johnson 1 562 843-4810

Denise L

Being an AZ native we know that the best chile comes from our neighbors the east.....New Mexcio. Great stuff!! Purchased a couple jars as gifts - and of course I had to get an extra one for my house!!

Timothy A

Just made a green chile stew in my croc pot...excellent!!!

James C

I was pleased with the flavor of the products I bought.The only complaint I have was the heat factor I was looking for in the hot chili.Ive had a lot of New Mexico chili but I'm looking for the heat factor and it wasn't there.Thanks

Dear James, I'd encourage you to order our hot if you're looking for more heat. This was the medium. Best, Preston

Judy P

This is the BEST Green Sauce I have EVER had. Growing up in southern New Mexico that says a lot. This is essential to a taste of the Southwest to any recipe. Please add 1/4 cup to chicken tortilla soup, along with some fresh roasted Hatch Green Chilies, OH MY!

Christina C

When i visited New Mexico last year, i fell in love with hatch green chili. Found this site and ordered. I fell in love again! Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

John B

Karen H

The chili received was extremely runny and had no body. We were very disappoined.

Sharon W

When my order that I made from another New Mexico chili company failed to go through and I was in a lurch, I called the Hatch Chili Store. Michael who answered the phone was extremely polite and customer service oriented. He was very helpful in assisting me with my product choices, availability and how quickly I could expect delivery. After having such an unpleasant experience with the other company, this was a very welcome and professional interaction over the telephone. Thanks to Michael and The Hatch Chili Store, I was able to get my father back in Pennsylvania some of his favorite chili flavors directly from New Mexico to him in time for his 89th birthday! Thank you so very much! Sherry Ward Boise, Idaho

Deanna R

I love the flavor! Delicious!

Renne O

The best green chile sauce we've ever had! Love it!