Red Chile Powder
Red Chile Powder
Red Chile Powder
Red Chile Powder
Red Chile Powder
Red Chile Powder
Red Chile Powder

Red Chile Powder

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Add color and flavor to your cooking with our wonderful red chile powder. We use only sun-dried chile to make our powders and the color and flavor is incredible. Whether you're an ex-New Mexican or someone new to our cuisine, you can't go wrong with a basic staple like red chile powder.

Available in 4 heat levels from Mild to X-Hot, our red chile powder is packaged in 3oz spice jars, 6oz spice jars, or 11oz bags. Chile Powder must be cooked before consuming.

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Debra P

I haven’t really used it yet, but I tasted it & it was good but really really hot

Susan B

A little pricey for the amount.

Christie T

We add this to our tacos and alot of our bbq meats as well. The flavor is perfect and I will be a returning customer to get dried chiles next year. We like alot of good mexican sauces and when you have this powder you can add it to any sauce to get good flavor. I want to get the dried chiles next year as they would be good In making Chile Colorado sauce as well as homemade Chile sauces. Keep up the excellent work!!

Barb M

Freshest chili powder we have ever had. Deep rich flavor.

Lisa B

Ron E

If you like Hot you cant go wrong!!!


Richard E

Chili powders come and go with not much fanfare but I always look towards New Mexico for the real thing. I grow my own New Mex 64 and Big Jim peppers for my salsa and guacamole recipe and also for my chili. I haven't figured out how to make the powder yet so I will rely on you. The mild is tame enough for the my friends here in Illinois but for me I just kick it up a bit. Thank you for your communication and prompt service. Can I come work for you ? Thanks again ........... Rick Evers

Samuel M

The red Chile powder price is to high for the small amount you receive. 5.5oz and I can purchase 20oz of the same hot red Chile powder in hatch new Mexico for 1/3 the price as I pass through Hatch twice a year.


I was expecting a hot chili powder but it wasn’t. It’s not bad but I thought it would be extra hot.

Martin B

I've grown up on red NM chili my whole life (my mother and her family are from Roswell) so I know good red chile from not-so-good red chile. And i can say with a reasonable degree of experience that the Red Chile Powder I have now twice ordered from The Hatch Chili Store is EXCELLENT. It reminds me of the red chile my little Hispanic grandmother made in the 60's and 70's when i was little and lived in Roswell myself. I've tried red chile from Roswell and from Albequerque and what I have purchased from THCS is simply better. You won't be sorry.



rex s

Richard J

The Chile itself is very good. The 11 oz jar is very small and grossly overpriced in my opinion. First time buying here will probably be my last, will buy from another producer I've bought from before.

Hi Richard, We clearly advertise that this is an 11 oz jar. If the price was too high, why did you purchase it? The price of our 11oz jar includes shipping so yes, it is higher than some other producers. Thanks, Preston

Abraham E

I ordered the Extra hot I was disappointed not hot at all maybe a bad batch

Martin B

In addition to the fresh green chile we ordered, we also bought an 11 oz. container of the red powder. The flavor and color and heat are all EXCELLENT. There's just nothing like the rich, smokey flavor. I'll definitely be back for more.


Good stuff!

Lori W

Wrapped well for delivery. Tried it on some chicken. The flavor and heat level were both perfect. I highly recommend it.

Ruth S

It was perfect

Marilyn H

Love, Love, Love this Chile Powder, I will not buy store bought anymore since I found this item.


Left NM in March 1980...couldn't leave the food. Thanks for providing such great red chile powder and fresh green chile in the Fall!


I am a kidney stone patient and on a very restrictive diet. This spice is "allowed" and I am so thankful I found you. I can have tacos shells but the meat.


Great taste in red Chile I make my chorizo with it great flavor great chorizo

Diane M

Was surprised by the directions asking to 'cook' before eating....

Diane, this is in response to recent government regulations (FISMA) which would require a large investment to comply with on our small powder business in order to treat it as "ready to eat". Our process has not changed and we personally eat the powder without heating it but have to include that message in order to remain in compliance without significantly overhauling the process which has been in place for 100 years.

William B


Mary K

I like your Hatch mild chili powder the best. I should have ordered more. Nice mild flavor for my enchilada sauce!



Chrisann W

The Chile powder is more expensive than grocery store bought, but so much more flavorful. Worth the price for the robust, well rounded & full flavor it brings to the good I prepare. Will definitely continue paying the price for the excellent quality!