Hatch Chile Season

As Hatch Chile continues to become more and more popular around the country, some interesting questions are commonly asked.

What is Hatch Chile?

Hatch chile is a unique pepper grown in the Hatch Valley of New Mexico. The Hatch valley was once a floodplain for the Rio Grande valley, which is why it has the nutrient-rich soil that makes the most fantastic chile. Hatch is to chile what Napa is to wine.      

When is Hatch Chile Season?

The typical season for chile here in the Hatch Valley runs from the first of August through the end of September. However, depending on the weather, we may have chile coming off by mid July. Some years, we've even harvested into the third week of October due to warm weather. On average, the season comes and goes pretty quickly!

How do I roast Hatch Green Chile?

Roasting Hatch Chile is a fun process, but it is a labor of love! You can roast your chile using a grill, oven, stovetop, or even a microwave. Click below for a complete guide for each roasting method..

How do I cook with Hatch Green Chile?

The number of ways to cook with Hatch Chile is endless! We have a great collection of tried and true recipes just waiting for you try.

What if I miss the season?

We've still got you covered! We flame roast and hand peel our frozen chile in the traditional New Mexico style, and then freeze them in vacuum-sealed bags before shipping them to you frozen on dry ice.

Fresh Hatch Green Chile

We offer our Fresh Hatch Green Chile in Mild, Medium, Hot and X-Hot heat levels. The regular season for fresh chile here in the Hatch Valley runs from mid-July through mid-October. However, depending on the weather, we may have certain varieties coming off earlier or later by a few weeks. Fresh chile is shipped in 5, 10, and 25 pound boxes. There are approximately 10 chile pods per pound, accounting for natural variation. We guarantee all orders when 2-Day or Overnight shipping is selected, so we compensate our customers accordingly when spoilage/damage occurs.