Hatch Green Chile Recipes – Our Favorites

New Mexican cuisine is a blend of Spanish, Native American, and Mexican cooking ingredients and culinary techniques. While familiar items like beans, squash, and corn are often used, one of the most popular ingredients is green chile.  Cooking with hatch green chile is something every New Mexican is familiar with and the possibilities are endless when you throw in red chile as well. One staple of New Mexican cuisine is red or green chile sauce. This spicy base is used to smother enchiladas, burritos, stuffed sopapillas, and just about anything else you can think of. Roasted green chile is commonly used to top cheeseburgers, stuff into burritos, fry into rellenos (cheese and/or meat stuffed whole chile pods fried in a batter) and made with ground beef and potatoes in stew.  Green chile is such a popular part of New Mexico cuisine that it can also be found in desserts, breads, pizzas and more.

As a resource for folks who order our chile products online, we’ve put together a few recipes featuring our hatch green chile, hatch red chile, and chile powders below. These recipes include healthy choices as well! New Mexican chile peppers are an excellent source of fiber, vitamin A and vitamin C.   You don’t have to be a native New Mexican to create and enjoy our delicious and unique cuisine. Try the collection of award winning green and red chile recipes we’ve put together here and follow us on our Facebook Page for even more hatch green chile recipes on our ‘Notes’ tab at the top of the page. We also have a great set of recipes on the boards we have on Pinterest. Feel free to follow them to the letter or use them as nothing more than a place to start. When you make something with hatch green chile, you really can’t go wrong!



Soups & Salads


Chile Rellenos


Green Chile Meatloaf

Green Chile Enchiladas

Green Chile Fritatta

Green Chile Lasagna

Chile Lover’s Pizza

Green Chile Stew


Green Chile Potato Salad

Green Chile Pasta Salad

Green Chile Enchilada Soup 

Green Chile Pumpkin Pie


Sinfully Spicy Apple Pie

Hatch Green Chile Ice Cream

Hatch Green Chile Mexican Chocolate Mousse